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Althea Valara ([personal profile] althea_valara) wrote2017-06-21 11:10 pm

Four Job Fiesta 2017, Day 4

I started the day by trying the Dragon Pod again. This time I won! I used the advice of [ profile] JuliusTheOrange and equipped my Mystic Knight with the Ancient Sword and had my bard sing Romeo's Ballad. The ballad really slowed down the attacks from the buds, though some still got through. There was a point where folks were confused and I was worried I wouldn't win, but I was able to Esuna them in time. Strangely, I don't recall ever getting paralyzed. 

Back to the castle to heal the wyvern, then off to Ghido's place. Oh noes, the island sank! Oh well. My next stop was Surgate castle. I considered doing some grinding on the Cure Beasts there, for they drop elixirs, but decided nah. So I raided the castle (not that there was much to raid), and flew off to the fleet.
Time for another round with Gilgamesh! This time he has a sidekick along. Enkidu can be annoying because she does White Wind. I stupidly was targeting Gilgamesh, trying to kill him first but she healed him, d'oh. So I switched targets to her and swiftly took her out. Gilgamesh was no issue after that.

And then my least favorite part of the game:farming Reflect Rings. I took LOTS of breaks while doing so, so the actual time spent farming wasn't that long, actually. But I hate this task so much that it took me all day to get it done ( with the aforementioned breaks) but done it is! Tomorrow I climb the tower and face Atomos. Wish me luck, I'm gonna need it.