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Four Job Fiesta 2017, Days 9 & 10

I did not level up the Chicken Knife before heading into the Pyramid. I decided it was a pretty high level already, and that I'd probably get the remaining levels naturally before end game.

So, then Pyramid! It went well, thanks to my bard. When I couldn't Requiem things to death, I could Ballad them into stopping. That was very helpful. My Mystic Knight was the star of the floor with the mecha heads: thundaga spellblade one-shot them.

I was a bit nervous about the chest that can spawn Steel Fists, because in other Fiestas they have wrecked me, but again, my bard came through. This time it was Alluring Air, reapplied as necessary, and then wait for them to kill themselves.

The one thing that did give me problems is the chest with the Object d'Arts. I got unlucky, and they kept breaking my party. Thankfully, I had saved before I faced them, so I didn't lose any progress.

Melusine was a bit annoying. I didn't think I had enough firepower to kill her during her initial weak-to-fire stage, so I didn't use spellblade. I just melee'd her down, which took a while. I was never in any danger, just wasn't a short fight.

I now had control of the airship, so I immediately went to the Phantom Village and bought Hermes Sandals for everyone, the Arise spell, and the last Coral Ring I needed. I then went to Kuza Castle and picked up the three obvious weapons for me: the Holy Lance, the Assassin's Dagger, and the Apollo harp.

In the island shrine I considered farming mirage vests but ultimately didn't. It's rather annoying to do when you have only the thief knife for stealing. I ended up running from a lot of battles, not necessarily because I wanted to, but because the Chicken Knife did, LOL. Hey, more levels for it! The executors got me with Level 3 Flare & Level 4 Graviga (three of my party were level 36) but I was saved by Lenna surviving, as she was only level 34.

Wendigo wasn't too bad. I had no AoE attacks for it, but I guessed right fairly often, and the Chicken Knife did good damage.

I picked up three more weapons from Kuza, picked randomly, then rode Boko around the world to get a Mirage Vest. I also rode him to the waterfall to pick up the Magic Lamp. Then it was time for the thing I dread: Fork Tower and the fight with Minotaur and Omniscient.

I sent my Dragoon and Mystic Knight up the tower of power. My Mystic Knight died to Minotaur, but my Dragoon kept jumping and won. Then came Omniscient. I knew berserk was the key to this fight, so I berserker him right away... And he killed me. >_< Well, crap.

I ended up watching a YouTube video of someone's previous Fiesta run, and discovered my issue: I had failed to cast protect (important to survive the first hit) before setting berserk. And I should keep blink up at all times.

In the video, the person sent their bard with their berserker up the tower of power, so that their dragoon and white mage faced Omniscient. So I tried splitting my party like this, sending my bard and mystic knight to face Minotaur...and I lost to him. *sigh*

So I tried a third time with my initial party split. Minotaur went down with no issues. Had my bard and white mage cast protect on themselves, then berserker Omniscient followed immediately by casting Blink. Once both characters had Blink applied, I berserked  my Bard, who was wielding the Chicken Knife.

This time I won! Yay! Am very glad I did. Sure beats previous Fiestas, where bi had trouble . on one of them I ended up skipping the tower and last two tablets because I saw no way to win against Omniscient.

I couldn't play any today as I have a deadline for a project I'm working on, but I should finish my project tomorrow, so hope to knock out the other two tablets then.