Jun. 19th, 2016

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So there I was in the Island Shrine. I did try to farm some Mirage Vests for a bit, but then decided to forget it. Only two of my characters could wear them, and I'd be getting one free from riding Boko around the world. I didn't think I'd need the other, as the plan was for my dancer to wear the Rainbow Dress.

So I made my way up the shrine. It wasn't too bad, thanks to Wind Slash/Sword Dance/Fire 3. I got lucky with the boss, as I chose the right enemy most of the time, so he went down fast.

Picked up three more weapons from Kuza Castle, then headed to Fork Tower. I sent Lenna and Faris (my dancer and geomancer) up the right side and Bartz and Krile (my black mage and red mage) up the left. Minotaurus wasn't too hard. You can't use magic in the battle, so Lenna kept dancing while Faris tossed potions. Omniscient went down easily to magic spam, as expected.

I neglected to try to get the Mime job. Didn't want to bother with it. So, onto the Great Sea Trench! It really helps to have a Geomancer here as you don't get tile damage from the lava, but the enemies are all undead so dancing is out. My black mage was MVP here with killing enemies by Fire3 spam. I lost the first try against the triplets. Checked Caves of Narshe, saw that none of them absorb Bolt, set everyone in the back row and put !Black 6 on, and spammed Bolt3 to kill them. The back two died first, but I was able to kill the front one before he could cast raise.

Another three weapons got, then onto Istory Falls. Tonberries are called Dinglberries in this version of the game *snort*. Had no problem with them, or anything else in this dungeon. Coral Rings against Leviathan almost feels like cheating.... almost. Won easily.

Next it was to Phoenix Tower, so I could farm a Rainbow Dress and Red Slippers. I ended up not using the slippers, preferring the Hermes Sandals for haste, but that dress went right on. It was here that I discovered my characters were still in the back row from the triplets fight, meaning I had done the entire of Istory Falls with them in back. D'oh! Even in the back, a fully boosted Chicken Knife does 5000+ damage with Sword Dance, so it was easy not to notice we were in the back. I skipped the magic pots in the tower as I had no reason to "fight" them. I debated leaving the tower after we got our dress, but decided to climb all the way because I like the cutscene at the end.

Next it was to North Mountain to fight Bahamut. Reflect rings on and away we go! It was an easy fight. Sword Dance hit a few times, and he died to reflected Mega Flare.

I then decided to try Odin. I lost on the first try. Lenna wasn't Sword Dancing, instead kept doing Wonder Waltz. I gave it one more try, this time setting !Black 6 on my characters. Lenna still danced (and still kept preferring Wonder Waltz, grr) but the others killed him with magic spam, hurray!

And then it was ENDGAME!

I tweeted as I went along. Calofisteri and Apanda both died to Sword Dance. Catastrophe took two Sword Dances and a cast of a boosted Fire3. Easy! Azulmagia also went down to a few Sword Dances. Sensing a trend? Halicarnassus died before she could get Holy off, mostly to Wind Slash/Fire3 spam. For her, I set Toad on everyone first because she does a move that sets Toad status as her first turn, so thus we were all restored to normal instead of being turned to toads. I lost to Twin Tania on the first try as Lenna wasn't Sword Dancing, so died to Giga Flare. She came to her senses and Sword Danced the second try, so I won.

Gilgamesh's dialogue was MUCH better in the GBA version. I really missed his "Hasta la bye-bye!". I did give Shinryu one try. I was able to set Berserk with the Power Staff, but she attacks way too fast, and it was all I could do to keep my characters standing. No one got a chance to attack. So I don't think I'll be able to win against her, oh well.

I originally forgot that Necrophobe's barriers were reflective and Bartz died to a reflected Fire 3, oops. But Sword Dance/Wind Slash took care of them, then Gilgamesh showed up to save the day. Save point get!

So, Exdeath/Neo Exdeath. The first phase has been no problem, but the second... nope. On my first try, I lost due to Grand Cross setting zombie on two characters. Bartz was dead, and my remaining unzombied character was quickly killed by her teammate. On second try, I killed 3 of the 4 targets, but then lost to an unlucky Meteor spam. On third try, I switched to targeting all targets at once with Fire 3 spam, so to minimize the likelihood of facing Meteor, but ended up dying again (I forget why). It was about 2:30 am then, so I decided to go to bed and try again today.


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