Jul. 1st, 2017

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Yesterday I got the last two tablets.

I did Leviathan's hangout first, because fuck the deep sea trench and its tile damage. As usual, berserked one of the gargoyles to get in. I had no trouble in the cave, as the chicken knife decided it wanted to run a lot. Normally this can annoy me, but I decided eh, so what?

Took a few tries to get the protect ring. I'm likely not going to use it, so I don't know why I bothered. I'm kind of a completionist, though.

Leviathan was no issue, thanks to the three Coral Rings I got in Exdeath's castle (I bought a fourth). Thundaga spellblade did awesome damage, and jump from my dragoon wasn't too bad.

Then came the deep sea trench. I hate that place, but I had the right party for it. Well, a geomancer to negate tile damage would have been nice, but otherwise, yeah, perfect party. Two of my characters had !Sing, so it was REQUIEM ALL THE THINGS! And as luck would have it, Krile maxed Bard right before the boss, so I made her a Dragoon with Sing and made Bartz, my Dragoon, a Bard, so I had THREE characters with sing for the boss. So the triplets were no issue. My fourth character acted as healer while the other three sang them to death.

Today I need to make my way out of the trench, get the last weapons (because why not?) And then it's into the breach.


althea_valara: A female red mage from Final Fantasy 11. (Default)
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