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Althea Valara ([personal profile] althea_valara) wrote2015-06-26 12:33 pm
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Four Job Fiesta!

The Four Job Fiesta of Final Fantasy V has started! Yay!

I got White Mage as my Wind crystal job. I've previously tried to do an all-White-Mage run, so I knew it was feasible in the early game, if a bit slow. I beat Karlabos at level 7 and Siren at level 8. Also didn't have a problem with Magissa and Forza, but I forgot to write down what level I was when I beat them.

I'm now grinding in the Wind Shrine for ABP. I was hoping to get Leather Shoes from the goblins for all my characters, which I did. Next I'll target Moldwynd in hopes of some elixirs. I did try out Bandersnatches for ABP grinding, but they were a bit difficult for my white mages - I lost Bartz and Lenna on the third battle. So I figured I'd get ABP faster by targeting squishy mobs.

I tweeted for my Water job, and got Red Mage. Hmm. That should help against Ifrit, which is where my White Mage run got stuck.

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