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Althea Valara ([personal profile] althea_valara) wrote2015-06-27 02:06 pm
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Four Job Fiesta, day 2

Play is going well for me. I finished my ABP grinding in the Wind Shrine, leaving with 16 elixirs -- nice! My white mages lost on their first try against Garula, so for the second try I stuck them in the back row and made sure to cast Protect, which helped a lot. We were at level 13 when we beat Garula.

I switched to three Red Mages and one White Mage after the water crystal. We had no problem beating Shiva at level 14. I was at level 16 when we beat Liquid Flame, and 17 for Iron Claw. I didn't get all of the chests in Karnak Castle; in retrospect I probably did have time to do so, but was uncertain how much time I'd need for Iron Claw.

Since I will be offline tomorrow, I went ahead and tweeted for both the Fire and Earth jobs. I got Geomancer and Chemist. I'm pretty pleased with that.