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Althea Valara ([personal profile] althea_valara) wrote2015-06-29 12:24 pm
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Four Job Fiesta, day 3

I've been really pleased with my job combo (White Mage, Red Mage, Geomancer and Chemist). Play continues to go well for me.

We took on Ifrit at level 17. I lost Bartz (a red mage) but got him back up before the battle ended. Byblos at level 17 was no problem, with my red mages casting Fira and using the Geomancer's !Gaia.

On my way to Jachol I died twice to Bio Soldiers, grr. Managed to make it there safely on the third try.

Level 18, took on Ramuh - easy. Blizarra'd and !Gaia'd him to death.

I was level 19 for the Sandworm (Bartz was still level 18). It was a long fight, and I had to use an Ether for Faris, my white mage, but the fight itself was pretty easy, just long.

Crayclaw, level 19 - super easy with my two red mages using Coral Swords.

Adamantoise, level 19 - ridiculously easy. Four Blizzaras and 2 !Gaia's and he was dead.

The Coral Swords were nice against the Flamethrowers, doing 500+ damage. Gaia also worked well, doing 600+ damage. So the Flamethrowers posed no problem for me.

I died to Soul Cannon on first try, probably because I didn't target the Launchers. Did so on the second try, which went easier. Thundara'd his butt, using 4 elixirs to replenish MP. I was level 19.

Archeoaevis - lost on first try, won on second try. !Gaia'd first form to death, then melee'd second form.

Purobolos - died to Self-Destruct on first try, won on second try. Geomancer (who has !White 6) and white mage kept them silenced, which red mage Blizarra'd.

Titan - won first try! Red mage melee'd him down while geomancer and white mage kept health up.

Manticore - same strategy as Titan. Level 21, no problem.

Looking forward to trying out Chemist with Galuf. Should be fun!