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Four Job Fiesta, the end

When I last posted, I was on the Atomos fight. I finally won on the fourth try. Tried to keep him slept, but it didn't seem to help much, so I went back to trying to survive. At the end, only Lenna was left standing. Two hits from Lenna and he was dead. YAY! I really do hate this fight.

Won against Cateblepos on the first try, level 34.

Beat the Crystals on the first try. Melee/Gaia to death, Red Mage dual-casting Cura after heavy damage. Level 36.

Around this time (or possibly before the crystals, I'm unsure when), I took a break from the story to farm some Elixirs from the Cure Beasts near Castle Surgate. Whenever I'm doing routine grinding, I keep track of stats to help pass the time.

43 formations of 4 Cure Beasts
33 formations of 1 Land Turtle
45 formations of 2 Land Turtles, 1 Cure Beast

Elixirs were obtained on the following battles:

7th, from a 4 Cure Beast formation
8th, from 2 Land turtles, 1 Cure Beast formation
23rd (2 elixirs), from a 4 Cure Beast formation
28th, from a 4 Cure Beast formation
30th, from a 4 Cure Beast formation
48th, from a 4 Cure Beast formation
52nd, from a 4 Cure Beast formation
54th, from a 4 Cure Beast formation
56th, from a 4 Cure Beast formation
65th, from 2 Land Turtles, 1 Cure Beast formation
74th, from 2 Land Turtles, 1 Cure Beast formation
84th, from a 4 Cure Beast formation
100th, from a 4 Cure Beast formation
121st, from a 4 Cure Beast formation

Not enough stats really to be scientific, but it does show that elixirs drop fairly commonly from them.

Back to the story. Excalipoor fight was easy. Never in any danger, hardly healed. Our hits were doing less than 100, though. Level 41.

Fight with Exdeath was easy, just long. Used 2 elixirs and 3 ethers. Everyone died at least once, and once had two characters down, but was able to recover thanks to Dualcast Raise.

I had some problems in the pyramid, specifically with Steel Fist, one of the trapped treasure chests. First try left with only White Mage standing. Couldn't get others back up, so I tried to solo by doing 2 attack rounds followed by Curaga. This worked well until the final one, when his focused energy killed me. Second try I had Red Mage and Chemist cast Fira while White Mange kept health up. Chemist drank a Goliath tonic. Elixirs used before the final Steel Fist started focusing energy. He targeted the Chemist most of the times with his focused energy, who didn't die from it. Successfully won on second try.

Melasine was no problem, thanks to Dualcast. Level 42.

Wendigo was also no problem, just a long fight.

Fork Tower - sent Red Mage and Chemist with !Red 3 up magic side while Geomancer and White Mage went up Prowess side. No problems, but did use 4 elixirs.

The triplets were tough, because they keep reincarnating. Krile died, and I left her dead. I eventually Wind Sliced them to death.

Coral Rings a go! Leviathan was no problem. Red Mage and Chemist Thundara'd him while Geomancer and White Mage melee'd. Level 44.

Bahamut, level 45 - very easy thanks to !Gaia's Cave-in. Never in any danger, no one died.

I elected not to try Odin, because I couldn't see how my party could do enough damage in one minute's time. I also did not go after the Mime crystal, for similar reasons.

ENDGAME!!! Calofisteri went down pretty easy thanks to Branch Spear, but it did take some time. Level 46.

Apanda - Red Mage and Chemist Fira'd him to death, Geomancer did Gaia and helped heal. I found out you can still do Gaia as a Toad.

Lost to Alte Roite on first try - he encircled all of us. Won on second try - Holy'd first form and Sonic Boom'd second.

Azulmagia - Holy'd him to death.

Catastrophe - mixed Levitate potions while Holy-ing him to death.

Helicarnissus - Went in with Reflect Rings, Holy & melee to death. Died on a reflected Holy.

Twintania - drank a Goliath Tonic and mixed Dragon Breath. Holy did heavy damage. Never saw Gigaflare.

Shinryu took eleven tries. I finally won by setting Darkness with a Dark Sigh, then basically Dragon Breath'd him to death while other characters played medic. Did have some deaths, but was always able to recover.

Necrophobe was a bit of a problem. The Assassin dagger reflects, so Krile had to play medic/defend. Once the barriers were down it took forever for Gilgamesh to show up. He finally did, though.

The fight with Exdeath was long, and he cast Meteor four times. I was able to survive, though, thanks to Dualcast Raise.

Won against Neo Exdeath on first try. Never in any real danger. A few times two characters went down, especially to Meteor, but I was able to recover. Wind Slash was a big help.

I definitely think my Geomancer deserves MVP. Light Step and Find Pits are both really nice abilities, and Gaia was downright powerful at times. Plus she had !White 6 as her set ability, so was able to be backup healer.

I really enjoyed this challenge, and am looking forward to doing it again!

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