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Althea Valara ([personal profile] althea_valara) wrote2016-06-14 11:51 am
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Four Job Fiesta 2016, day 2

Day 2 was mostly taken up with yet more grinding, to get the Dualcast ability for my Red Mages. It took quite a bit of time, and it's a boring task, so I kept taking frequent breaks. I got 100 ABP in about 22 minutes, so you do the math there (recall that it takes 999 ABP to get Dualcast). To keep myself entertained, I kept track of the enemy formations I encountered.

42 Gaitlings
143 single Bandersnatches
236 Bandersnatch/Big Horn combos
193 sets of 3 Bandersnatches.

For a total of 614 battles. Better than having to do 999 battles by fighting anywhere else, but still, LONG!

I finished out the night by doing the Fire Ship and escaping from Karnak Castle. Liquid Flame went down really easy thanks to Redx2, and I was able to get all the treasures I wanted from Karnak Castle, though I did use two elixirs to replenish my MP. I doubt I would have had success in the escape if I hadn't ground out Dualcast, because I used it on the Gigas to take them down quickly. So all that grinding paid off.

I tweeted for my Fire Crystal job before bed, and as expected, got Geomancer. I freaking love Geomancers, so I'm happy.