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Four Job Fiesta 2016, day 3

When last we left, I had just unlocked the Fire Crystal job of Geomancer. I set that job on Lenna and Faris; Bartz remained a Black Mage and Galuf a Red Mage. I went back to Walz and did the Shiva fight, which was a piece of cake. It was then onto the Library of Ancients.

Given all my grinding to master Red Mage, my levels were pretty high for this point in the game. I was at level 22, which meant I was in no danger from Level 5 Death in the Library. Both Ifrit and Byblos were easily taken down by magic spam.

Visited Jachol and its cave. If you've never played this game before, then you probably don't know that Geomancers are wonderful in the cave. There's an enemy called SkullEater which is really hard to damage physically or with magic, but goes right down to Geomancer attacks. I really didn't need to visit the cave because the treasures there were useless to me, but I'm a completionist so I did it.

Then it was up to Easterly, where I had enough gil from all that grinding to buy THREE Angel Rings, score! Wandered into the forest to fight Ramuh, who also wasn't a problem (are you sensing a theme here?).

I was a little nervous about the battle with the sandworm. I was hesitant to use !Earth against him as it would probably hit all holes, which would be bad. And magic is out, so that left me with melee attacks, and my characters aren't very strong melee-wise. I won on the first try, though, and it seemed a lot easier than past battles with him.

Adamantoise went down to Ice2 spam. Yawn.

The initial cannons on the floating ruins posed no problem. Melee hits from the Red Mage's Coral sword did ~600, Bartz was Bolt2-ing with a Thunder Rod for ~1400, and the Geomancers did !Earth for Wind Slash which did ~800. Nice! Wind Slash didn't work against the boss, alas, but the Geomancers have Redx2, so they hit him with Bolt2 and he went down before he could fire the laser at us.

I'm not a fan of the Ancient Ruins as I tend to get lost in them, even after all the times I've played this game. I take paths in the wrong order, grr. Also, you can't use !Earth against the Fan Wizards as they absorb Wind Slash, so you have to melee them and it's slow. I also died to an Aquaus, which I swear is harder than the boss. It's reflective so magic is out, it absorbs hits from the Coral sword, and melee attacks only do double-digit damage. When I reset I opted to skip the two chests which the Aquaus appears so I didn't have to fight it again. The chests held a Cottage and an Ether, so not missing much.

Archeoavis wasn't too bad. Wind Slash does nice damage on his first form, and I melee'd his second form. Won on the first try. Seriously, things have been easy so far. I feel over-leveled, but there's not anything I can do about that now.

So then I unlocked my Earth crystal job and i got.....Dancer. o_O This is a 750 run, so I was really expecting I'd get Chemist. I was hoping for Chemist, so I could fight Shinryu (Chemists can mix a Dark Sigh, which sets blind status). I'm still going to try Shinryu once I get to him but I'm now much uncertain if I can win.

I did Ice2 spam against Byurobolos and Titan. Byurobolos was no problem. Titan did do Earth Shaker at the end and knocked me down to ~100 HP, but everyone survived. KimaBrain also was no problem. Sigh.

I had purposely made Galuf the Red Mage for his solo fight with Gilgamesh. I wanted him to have decent melee damage but also able to heal. Gilgamesh was no problem, but then, he usually isn't. Then it was my favorite part of the game: the battle on the Big Bridge. *cue awesome music* I can't remember if I used !Earth against the fodder, but I think not. Used !Dance a few times and was pleased it was mostly Sword Dance and Jitterbug. The fodder proved to be fodder; none were an issue. Neither was the second fight with Gilgamesh. Dual-casted Protect on everybody, and we were good to go.

And that's where I left off for the night. So far this run has been a piece of cake, except for the boring grinding. I'm planning on playing most of the day today to get as far into the game as possible.