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Althea Valara ([personal profile] althea_valara) wrote2016-06-17 12:08 pm
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Four Job Fiesta 2016, day 5

So there I was in the barrier tower, farming Reflect Rings. One of my most hated tasks. It actually went pretty fast this time, woohoo! Got my four rings and headed up the tower.

Died to the first Red Dragon, but luckily I had saved my game right before. Won on second try. When I got to the top, I changed my Geomancer to have !Black 6. Geo and Black Mage spammed Bio on Atomos while the other two just kept reviving each other. Won with no one being sucked in. I got lucky--I don't think my damage dealers died once.

Visited Moore and bought Air Lancets for everyone, then made my way up north to fight Shoat. I was nervous about this fight for fear of dying to petrification, but again, I got lucky--only two of my characters got petrified and the other two killed him with magic spam.

Visited Ghido (okay, he's called Gill in this version of the game. I like Ghido better). I have to say that I've been disappointed with the translation in the PSX version. It's missing much of the humor from the GBA translation. The bigger screen is better, though.

Made my way through the Forest of Moore. It's easy to get lost in there, and I'm pretty sure I didn't get all the treasures. Oh well. The crystal fight took me six tries. On the first try, I had forgotten to equip reflect rings, and died. I tried with reflect rings on the next try, but couldn't heal myself well enough with potions. Hmm. Okay, no reflect rings then. I could take out the first two crystals with magic spam, but kept dying to the Fire Crystal--magic has no effect on it so you have to melee it. Eventually I won, though. Whew. This was the first fight in the game that was challenging for me--everything else has been easy.

Finished the night by farming gil in the Valley of Dragons. Dragon fangs sell for 2500 each, so 20 of them gives you 50,000 gil, which is the price of one ring in the third world. Now I plan on farming some Elixirs from Cure Beasts, then it's time to head to Exdeath's castle.