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Althea Valara ([personal profile] althea_valara) wrote2016-06-20 11:48 am
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Four Job Fiesta 2016, day 8

So I had tried Neo Ex-death three times the night before, without any luck, so I went to bed. In the morning I tried again. I made a few changes: I switched Bartz (my black mage) from the Fire Rod to the Magus Rod, in hopes of getting a boost in magic. I also set everyone to the back row. And finally, I targeted all four targets with Fire3 instead of taking them on singularly.

This time I won! The targets didn't all die at the same time, but I was able to finish them off quickly, one after the other. If I recall correctly, Exdeath did get one round of Meteor off, but I survived it and quickly got back up/healed to finish him off. Yay!

I really had fun with this challenge, and might do another run. We'll see.