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Four Job Fiesta 2017, Day 1

The Final Fantasy V Four Job Fiesta officially started late last night! I watched a few hours of The Run, which was illuminating. For one, there was a rule that you must use the four designated jobs, but you could change which character was with job. This was news to me; in the past, I assigned a job to a character and that character stayed that job for the rest of the game. This rule will definitely make my run easier this year.

During The Run, the streamers had to beat Omega and Shinryu, and all four of them did. On the first try, even! AMAZING! So far, it's looking like I'll be able to take on both of them myself.

This year Gilgabot did a series of polls, asking people to choose one job over another. The results were an option at registration, which I chose to do. My first assigned job was Bard. Sweet - Bard allows you to do Omega and is great against undead enemies. Since Bard isn't unlocked until later in the game, this meant I would be using Freelancers till the Water Crystal at least.

Freelancers make things pretty easy. I beat Karlbos at level 5, and Siren at level 7. I tossed potions at Siren during her undead phase.

Magissa and Firza went down on my first try, though Galuf died. I was level 9.

Garula was ridiculously easy. Since freelancers can equip any weapon, I had the powerful Ashura on Bartz and the Power Whip on Far is. The whip has a paralyze effect, and it landed on Garula without any issue. Bartz then made short work of him. Garula never got off an attack.

I tweeted for my water job, and was assigned Mystic Knight. Okay, I have some gil farming to do, I thought. I had to buy spells and upgrade their armor. That done, I then headed for Karnak.

After the events in the castle, I didn't shopping in Karnak itself. I had to do more gil farming to afford everything I wanted, though. Once I was all Mythril'd up, I headed in the Fire Ship.

The enemies in the ship were no issue. As for the boss, well, I had Mystic Knights! It should be easy, I thought.


I Blizzaga'd up and proceeded to thwack at Liquid Flame. The first two forms were no issue, but then it changed to the hgand form, and my Mystic Knights started whiffing. And whiffing. And whiffing. In desperation I changed Far is to a knife, thinking that it was something with the mythril swords, and she landed her attack, huzzah!

But then I died to Blaze.

Hmm. Try again. And again, nothing but whiffs on the hand form. I tried for a good ten minutes and not a single hit.

It finally occurred to me that maybe it was the spell on the blade causing the whiffing, and not the blade itself. Because I had tried switching Far is to a knife again, but I put the spell back on it before I attacked, and it was whiff city. So I swapped weapons again, this time back to the mythril sword... And her attack landed, hooray! From there on the rest of the fight wasn't too bad, though Galuf and Lenna died. I was level 14.

And then it was time to escape the castle. I got a good many treasures, but missed the Ribbon. Well, I probably wouldn't be using it anyway. I hesitated when I was going for Esuna, because time was running out, so ended up skipping it. Death Claw was no issue, though my attacks only did double-digit damage.

I then tweeted for my Fire crystal job, and was assigned.... White Mage.

Crap - I should've gotten Esuna. Well, I hadn't sacved the game yet, so I saved it in a new slot, while I decided whether or not to do the escape again. I probably will - it's a bit annoying with mystic knights but not TOO bad.

And that's where I left it for today. A good first day, I think, and my jobs are looking good.

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