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I really did love the idea of this journal. The problem is that I got too caught up in playing the game. Heh. At first I kept really good notes with the intention of sitting down and writing up the entries sometime, but even that stopped after a while. Now I just play like crazy. <3

I would love, love, love to get back into writing up stories. And maybe I will. But at the very least I can write quick posts (*snerks* who am I kidding? am incapable of writing short posts) of what I'm up to, so that I have some record for when I do feel the creative urge happening. And so, here's some random stuff that happened recently.

1) Last night I did mining in Gusgen for the first time. At first I was scowl-y at how far apart the mining points are. But then I dug up a darksteel ore (!!!) and also got my first gold ore and yellow rock. Plus since there's weather in the mines, I was able to get some lightning/earth clusters as well. I'm pretty pleased with the outcomes, so I think I might continue mining there for a bit. I need to see what else drops there, for farming purposes. I took a quick peek at the NM list last night but it appears that they mostly drop elemental rings. *yawns*

2) I tried out DRK this week. I was pleased at how strong it was, even at low levels. Was killing EP with 2-3 hits from the scythe. My level 52 RDM still sometimes takes two hits to kill a freaking Goblin Thug, so... yeah. Impressive.

3) Saturday was OMG INSANELY BUSY AND LONG!!! We did Promy-Holla & Promy-Dem. Dem was pretty easy, but Holla kicked our butts the first time. Needing a break, we then went and did Windy mission 5-1 & 5-2... yup, we killed the Shadow Lord (my gods that was easy). Pumped up from our win, we went back to Holla and kicked some Wreaker butt.

This weekend is Promy 2-3, and potentially some BCNMs (we were thinking Petrifying Pair or Royal Jelly). I plan on doing some more mining (mmm...mining), as I want to get goldsmithing/smithing to 20. Possibly also farming for Alchemy ingredients, as I'd like to get that to 10.

I should get more icons.


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