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It's version update time, and today marks the long-awaited launch of Neo Salvage. So far, discussion of the new gear has mixed reviews. There's a fare number of "meh"s, while others feel that there's some nice situational pieces. The mage jobs seem to have fared better than melee, and WHM will likely be happy with the update.

First, let's take a look at some non-Salvage gear. At least, I'm guessing these come from elsewhere, because I don't recall Salvage having weapons/ammo.

Oreiad's Tathlum - MND+4 Magic Accuracy+1

This ammo piece beats the Mana Ampulla for having the best MND. You lose out on the ampulla's 20 MP, but that's an easy loss these days.

Melisseus Staff - DMG:81 Delay:366 Fire elemental magic accuracy+28 Fire elemental "Magic Atk. Bonus"+28 Wind elemental magic accuracy+28 Wind elemental "Magic Atk. Bonus"+28

I doubt this beats the Magian magic affinity staves. Still, if you should happen to get one and don't have the Magian staves, this could prove useful for landing Silence and Addle. I wouldn't go out of my way to get one, though.

Sublime Breastplate - DEF:60 STR+14 MND+14 Accuracy+13 Divine magic skill +10 Healing magic skill +10

We have a new breastplate! This may make a good WS piece - I'm not the greatest on melee stats, though, so I'm unsure how it goes up against Heka's. I'm also wondering if this would be useful in Ballista (heh).

Gwyddion's Cape - DEF:8 MP+30 INT+6 MND+6 CHR+6 Magic Accuracy+2 "Conserve MP"+3

Nice enfeebling cape, though there might be better already.

Shamatha Grip - MP+15 MND+3 Magic Accuracy+2

An alternative to the Verse Strap + 1/Reign Grip. Personally, I'd stick with the Verse Strap +1 for the Enmity-3 on it, however this strap makes a nice enfeebling strap.

Now, onto the Neo Salvage gear!

Marduk's Tiara +1 - DEF:31 MND+13 CHR+13 Divine magic skill +12 Summoning magic skill +12 Singing skill +12 "Cure" potency +11% Increases "Regen" effect Set: Increases "Fast Cast" effect

Current best-in-slot for single-target cures remains the Iaso Mitra; however, as the Mitra is very expensive, Marduk's makes an easier way to get 11% cure potency on the headpiece. Definitely a piece I'd want to try for.

Nabu's Tiara - DEF:30 MP+50 Enhancing magic skill +10 Avatar: Increases magic accuracy and "Magic Atk. Bonus"

As has been pointed out on various forums already, this piece will allow a WHM to reach 500 enhancing without needing to be /SCH. Now, you all know how much I advocate /SCH; however, there's times when other subs may be better. And I'm a big fan of enhancing skill, so this, too, is a "Yes, please!" piece.

Marduk's Jubbah +1 - DEF:56 MND+15 CHR+15 Enhances "Fast Cast" effect Summoning magic interruption rate down Adds "Refresh" effect Set: Enhances "Fast Cast" effect

The best use for this would be the Fast Cast effect in conjunction with other Marduk+1 gear.

Nabu's Jubbah - DEF:54 HP+5% MP+5% STR+10 INT+10 MND+10 CHR+10 "Double Attack"+3% Haste+4%

I look forward to seeing the math done on this piece, to see whether or not it beats other available pieces for melee/WS. Currently, the Shedir Manteel (followed by Hedera Cotehardie) is the best TP piece, with Heka's Kalasiris being the best-in-slot for Realmrazer and Hexa Strike.

Marduk's Dastanas +1 - DEF:30 MND+14 CHR+14 Wind instrument skill +11 Song spellcasting time -7% Adds "Regen" effect Set: Enhances "Fast Cast" effect

Most useful as a pre-cast piece; might also be useful for an MND potency enfeebling set.

Nabu's Dastanas - DEF:28 STR+7 AGI+7 Accuracy+8 Attack+8 Magic Accuracy+5 Healing magic skill +12

Someone who is better with melee gear will need to figure out if these beat Iuvenalis Mittens for a WS piece. The extra accuracy and attac on the Dastanas sure looks nice, but Iuvenalis has MND+7, which is a modifier for our most-used WS.

Marduk's Shalwar - DEF:42 CHR+15 Healing magic skill +11 Summoning magic skill +11 Wind instrument skill +11 Increases song effect duration Set: Enhances "Fast Cast" effect

Nabu's Shalwar - DEF:39 MP+38 Healing magic skill +15 Enfeebling magic skill +15 "Cure" spellcasting time -15%

The healing magic skill might look tempting, but honestly, the MP back from Orison Pantaloons +2 is too good to give up. So these leg pieces are really only good for fastcast/precast.

Marduk's Crackows +1 - DEF:30 MND+12 Enfeebling magic skill +11 Summoning magic skill +11 String instrument skill +11 Avatar: Increases attack and Haste+2% Set: Enhances "Fast Cast" effect

I believe this is the best enfeebling skill available on feet, now. There's also the fast cast.

Nabu's Crackows - DEF:28 CHR+10 Singing skill +3 String instrument skill +7 Enhances "Fast Cast" effect

Nothing here for WHM - don't bother with these.

And there you go - some thoughts on the new gear from this update. Comments?
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This is not meant to be the be-all/end-all guide for WHM gear options; rather, it's a general guide for someone who's relatively new to the job. I'm only going to be looking at end-game gear (aka, what you'd wear at level 99. If you're looking for the optimal sets for WHM, there's many threads on the most popular forums discussing just that; one such example is this thread at FFXIAH.

In general, your gear selections should be based on the following criteria, in rough (but not exact) order:

  • Cure Potency. Current cap is 50%. Get as close to that cap as you can.
  • Healing Magic Skill, for use with single-target cures.
  • MND. Good especially for Curagas and MND-based enfeebles
  • Enhancing Magic.
  • Fast Cast
  • Enmity- gear
  • MP

Never, under any circumstances, should you use gear that ONLY gives you MP. For the love of Altana, people, don't use Graiai earrings or similar HP/MP convert earrings/rings. Max MP just isn't needed in this day and age. Between temp items, Lights Arts and Sublimation (if you're /SCH), Refresh and Convert (if you're /RDM), and gear auto-refresh, it is very rare that you'll ever run out of MP. Also, there are soooo many options that give you MP AND something additional, such as fast cast or extra MND. Always choose items like that over a straight MP item.

Anyway, here's some options!


Best option: Arka IV, Cure Potency 24%
Other Options: Apollo's Staff, Nathushne +1", Tefnut Wand

If you intend on playing WHM often, make an Arka IV. It's not that hard. Even just taking it up to Surya's Staff level (trial 1701) beats an Apollo's/Light Staff.

For a while the Tefnut Wand when paired with an augmented Genbu Shield beat the Surya's, but that's no longer true. Still, it's a nice alternative if you don't have the Arka.

If you don't have a Tefnut/Nathushne or Arka/Surya's, then you should be using an Apollo's Staff (preferred) or Light Staff (acceptable).


What I use: Verse Strap +1, MND+3 enmity-1

Any grip that has MND or enmity- is good on it. With the new change in cure formulas, the Curatio grip with Healing Magic Skill+3 might beat the Verse Strap +1, but I suspect it'd be pretty negligible.


Ideal: Mana Ampulla, MP+20 MND+3 hMP+2
What I use: Incantor Stone, MP+10 Increases "Fast Cast"

Actually, the ideal is to precast in Incantor and finish in Mana Ampulla, but since I play on Xbox and thus don't use Spellcast, I just stick with Incantor.


Ideal: Iaso Mitra is the currently acknowledged ideal, I believe. DEF:30 MND+10 Healing magic skill +10"Cure" potency +11% Enmity-5

What I (and pretty much everyone else) uses: Orison Cap +2, DEF:30 MP+50 MND+10 "Cure" potency +10% Enhances "Divine Veil" effect Set:Augments elemental resistance spells

You need the Orison Cap +2 for your max barspell set anyway, and it's still a really, really good piece for cures, so yes, do make it.

While you're working on getting your Orison Cap done, the Walahra Turban or Cleric's Cap +2 are good alternatives.


Ideal: I've seen both Phalaina Locket (MND+3, "Cure" potency +4%, Potency of "Cure" effect received +4%) and Colossus's Torque ([Light] +20,Healing magic skill +7, Enhancing magic skill +7O, Lightsdays:Healing magic skill +10, Enhancing magic skill +10) recommended as ideal, depending on capped cure potency....

What I use: Fylgja Torque+1, HP+12 "Cure" potency +3% Enmity-2

Recomended: Assuming the person reading this is NOT going to be maining WHM.... I'd go with the Colossus's Torque. It does take some effort to get, but it's not exceeding difficult, plus it's free! And it's a very, very good piece, which is recommended for max enhancing anyway. So, yeah: a pretty good piece for cures (possible the best piece?) plus the current best enhancing neck piece makes the Colossus's Torque a win.

I currently use Fylgja Torque+1 for cures, and Colossus's Torque for my enhancing set.


What I use:
Loquacious Earring, MP+30 Enhances "Fast Cast" effect
Roundel Earring, DEF:1 "Cure" potency +5%"Waltz" potency +5%

There's many good options, here! I believe Roundel is still considered the best earring for cures; nothing else comes to mind otherwise. Loquacious has been around for a while, but is still very strong. If you're a main mage and your Moonshade earring isn't otherwise used, you might want to consider a Refresh+1 augment on it.

If you can't afford or don't want to buy a Roundel earring, the Orison Earring at "Cure" potency +2% Enmity-3 is a very nice alternative.

Basically, your earring choice should either increase your cure potency/MND or quicken your spellcasting.


Ideal: Orison Bliaud +2
DEF:49 HP+45 MP+45
Healing magic skill +20
Adds "Refresh" effect
Enhances "Afflatus Solace" effect
Set:Augments elemental resistance spells

It gives extra Cureskin. This makes it the best option for your single-target cures, provided Cure Potency is capped otherwise. If at all possible, you want to use this.

However, to be effective, you really do need your cure potency to be close to the 50% cap, so if it's not, you'll want to use something else. Best options are

Heka's Kalasiris
DEF:51 MND+17
"Cure" potency +15%
"Cure" spellcasting time -15%
Adds "Refresh" effect
Sphere: Enhances "Fast Cast" effect
Set: Adds improved "Refresh" effect

which is what I use for my Curaga set, as they don't get Cureskin. You can also use

Noble's Tunic
DEF:40 MP+17 Adds "Refresh" effect "Cure" potency +10%

Orison Bliaud +2 is also the best body to wear for elemental barspells. For all other enhancing magic, the current best is

Anhur Robe
DEF:48 INT+14 CHR+14
Enhancing magic skill +12
Elemental magic skill +12
Summoning magic skill +12
Enhances "Fast Cast" effect
Sphere: "Magic Atk. Bonus"+5
Set: Magic Accuracy+5

Heka's is also the current best for MND-based enfeeble potency, IIRC, but if you don't have Heka's and want a cheap alternative, then your choice is

Praeco Doublet
DEF:50 INT+15 MND+15 CHR+15
Magic Accuracy+5
Song spellcasting time -10%


Ideal: Augur's Gloves
DEF:20 MND+7 CHR+7
Healing magic skill +5
Enhancing magic skill +5
"Cure" potency +4%

I've been wanting these since the moment I first laid eyes on them. Alas, I still don't have them. {/cry}

I've seen the following recommended as an alternative these days:

Healer's Mitts
DEF:14 MP+15 STR+7 MND+7
Healing magic skill +15

I'm hoping to do some Limbus soon so I can get these myself. In the meantime, I use:

Blessed Mitts
DEF:18 MP+15 MND+7 Haste+5% Enmity-3

I had used my Orison Mitts +2 when I first got them, but honestly, they're kind of meh for general usage. Blessed Mitts with MND and haste are better. You'll want to get the Orison Mitts +2, though, for your elemental barspell set.


Recommended/Ideal: Sirona's Ring, VIT+3 MND+3 Healing magic skill +10
Ephedra Ring, DEF:4 Healing magic skill +7Enhances "Cursna" effect

GET. THESE. They are the current best rings for your cures. The only way to improve on it would be the Haomas Ring which is the HQ of the Ephedra.

A lot of WHMs like/recommend the

Prolix Ring
MP+20 Enmity-3
Enhances "Fast Cast" effect

I agree this is a mighty fine choice, should you be lucky enough to have one.

Before the healing magic skill update, I used two Star Rings, which give MP+20 MND+4 [Water] +9 MP recovered while healing +1. Still a nice alternative... but Sirona's/Ephedra are better these days.

Like earrings, there's a lot of great options to choose from. Just don't use a convert HP/MP ring, please.


Ideal/what I use:
Tempered Cape, DEF:9 Healing magic skill +4"Cure" potency +4%

Oretania's Cape, DEF:7 HP+20 "Cure" potency +4%
Orison Cape, DEF:8 MP+10 "Cure" potency +3%Enmity-4

Those are your best options for a curing back piece. For enhancing, it's probably

Merciful Cape
MP+25 Enhancing magic skill +5
Elemental magic skill +5
Dark magic skill +5

..and I'm now wishing I chose that from the Mog Bonanza instead of the Altruistic Cape. Oh well.


What I use: Cascade Belt, MND+7 Enhancing magic skill +3

There's lots of good options for belts, but I haven't kept up with what is the most ideal for the spot right now. For cures, it's possible that the Bishop's Sash with DEF:5 Divine magic skill +5Healing magic skill +5 is the best right now; I'm really not sure. Choose anything with MND, Enhancing Skill, or Healing Magic Skill on it. I believe there's also fast cast belts, too, which are also a good choice.


This one's easy:

Orison Pantaloons +2
DEF:41 MND+7
Healing magic casting time -12%
Converts 5% of "Cure" amount to MP
"Divine Benison"+1
Set:Augments elemental resistance spells

SO. GOOD. OMG. When the Orison set first came out, this was the item I most wanted from it. These pants are what makes WHM so MP efficient these days. Get these. Use them for your cures. Use them for your -na/erases, too: they quicken the spellcasting time on them.

You should also have the following:

Cleric's Pantaloons +2
DEF:40 HP+24 MP+24
Healing magic skill +18
Enhancing magic skill +18
Elemental resistance spells +25
Augments "Shellra V" effect

Use these in your elemental barspell set, your enhancing set, and when casting Shellra V. These pants are also mindblowingly good. If you want to be the best WHM possible, you should have both.

While working on getting these, use either the regular quality Cleric's Pantaloons, or the

Blessed Trousers
DEF:32 MP+25 MND+6 Haste+3%

I still use my Blessed Trousers for meleeing.


Ideal for cures: Zenith Pumps +1 augmented with cure potency/healing magic skill

Ideal for enhancing: Orison Duckills +2
DEF:18 HP+30 MP+30 MND+8
Enhancing magic skill +20
Enhances "Auspice" effect
Set:Augments elemental resistance spells

You need the Orison Duckills +2 for your enhancing/barspell set. They're also a good choice for cures, though not the ideal. You won't be a bad WHM if you use them for your cures.

I use the following for my cure set:

Marduk's Crackows
DEF:20 MP+3% MND+10
Enfeebling magic skill +5
String instrument skill +5
Summoning magic skill +5
Set: Enhances "Fast Cast" effect

I'm pretty sure these were considered the best feet for cures before the healing magic skill update, provided you were capped potency otherwise. They are still a mighty fine choice... though the augmented Zenith Pumps+1 are better, if you get good augments on them.

A lot of white mages use the following hands/feet combo:

Serpentes Cuffs
DEF:16 HP+17 MP+17
Daytime: Adds "Regen" effect
Nighttime: Adds "Refresh" effect
Set: "Cure" potency +5%

Serpentes Sabots
DEF:14 HP+13 MP+13
Daytime: Adds "Refresh" effect
Nighttime: Adds "Regen" effect
Set: "Cure" potency +5%

Benefits: Cure Potency +5% is nice, plus a permanent refresh/regen effect, plus some HP & MP.
Drawbacks: It takes two equipment slots to get this.

They're a good choice if you need the cure potency and don't have other means to get them. They're also a really good choice for an idle set (I idle in the cuffs; I don't have the boots). However, they're not the ideal choice; Augur's Gloves with some good MND feet would be better.

Sometime in the future I might work on posts that look at individual gear sets, rather than discussing pieces by slot. In the meantime, if you have any questions, send me a /tell in game or leave a comment here.


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