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Yesterday a friend asked if I could share my WHM macros with him. I've been meaning to write them up anyway, for a long time now, so this gave me the kick in the pants I needed to finally get it done. Thanks, Esca!

You can access the full version here, which includes (most of) my gear swaps and the actual commands:

Inspiration for this macro set came from the Scholar Macro guide on FFXIclopedia. Features include:
  • Navigational controls, to get to various macro sets quickly
  • Support for both /SCH and /RDM subjobs
  • Quick access for important job abilities
  • Optimal layout for your most-used spells
  • Macros for commonly used temp items

One thing I don't have is a Sublimation macro. I find that since Sublimation ticks so slowly as /SCH, it's not too much of a bother for me to go into the job ability menu manually when I need to use it. If you're the kind of person who might forget about it, you might want to stick it in the macros somewhere.

A brief intro/explanation of each macro set follows.

Macro Set 1: Navigation
CTRL: LArts | CGa3 | Cures | sNa  | Buff   | sBar    | sNuke  |sRaise | SlpGa | Refresh
ALT:  ASPIR | aSol | aMIS  | DivS | MPshow | (blank) |eBattle | eRest | KEY   | CONVERT

The CTRL line is your navigation. LArts activates Light Arts. Macros 2 (CGa3) to 8 (sRaise) switch to the appropriate macro set. For example, pressing the Cures macro will execute the "/macro set 3" command, switching your macros to bank 3, which contains your cures & regen spells.

SlpGa was created for Dynamis runs; it does an AoE Sleep II (assuming you're /SCH). I don't really use it, and honestly forgot it was there, heh. Refresh casts refresh on yourself, and is found on most banks set so you'll have easy access to it should you be /RDM.

ASPIR is fun. It casts and AoE {Aspir}ga, which I used often in old-school Dynamis to quickly get a bunch of MP back when I was running low. Note that this will boost your enmity quite a bit, so be careful; best to use it on sleeping mobs. It looks like this:

/ja “Dark Arts”
/ja Manifestation
/ma Aspir
(gear swap lines)

aSOL & aMIS activate Afflatus Solance & Misery, respectively. DivS is Divine Seal. MPshow tells the party how much MP I have. eRest will equip my hMP resting gear, and eBattle swaps back into my normal gear. KEY is used for opening chests in Abyssea. CONVERT is my handy convert/Cure VI macro, in case I am /RDM.

Macro Set 2: Curaga / Melee Set
CTRL:  TOP  | CGa5 | CGa4 | CGa3 |   CGa2  |  CuGa  | BoxStep | Quick  |Stun  | Healing
ALT:  ASPIR | CuA3 | CuA2 | bDEX | Auspice | eMelee | Realm   | Mystic | Hexa | Utsu

Line 1 contains Curagas 1 - 5 in descending order, plus the /DNC job abilities Box Step, Quickstep, Violent Flourish, and Healing Waltz. I like /DNC a lot for meleeing on WHM; it can be especially fun in Dynamis, which is why those macros were made, for use with proccing.

Line 2 has our {Aspir}ga, Cura III, Cura II, Boost-DEX, and Auspice. The last two are very useful with melee-ing, though you might want Boost-STR instead; I haven't decided which is best. eMelee swaps into my TPing set. Realm, Mystic, Hexa are various WS sets, and Utsu will cast Utsusemi, should I be /NIN. The macro tries to cast Ni first, then tries to cast Ichi if Ni's not available.

Macro Set 3: Cures / Haste
CTRL:  TOP  |CGear | Cur6  | Cur5 | Cur4 | Cur3  | Cur2  | Cure     | Accession | Penury
ALT:  ASPIR | Idle | Haste | Reg4 | Reg3 | DIAGA | Flash | Devotion | Celerity  | Refresh

Your base macro set. Most of the time, you'll be on this bank. I've positioned it as set 3 rather than having it as set 1, because from here, you can go one set 1 to get to your Curagas, or one set down to get to your -Na spells. As -Na & Curaga are your next-most used spells, putting the sets in this order gives you the quickest access to the stuff you'll use most often.

Most of the macros on this set should be self-explanatory. CGear/Idle are due to me playing on an Xbox; since I cannot use Spellcast, I have to manually switch into an idle refresh set.

You don't need Diaga/Flash on this set; I have them here because I've been doing a lot of Voidwatch lately, and needed quick access to them (Diaga spam is required for Lancing Lamarok, and Flash is your quickest spell to cast when attempting to proc, whether it's in Abyssea, Dynamis, or VW).

Macro Set 4: -na/erase spells
CTRL: TOP  | PoiNa | ParNa     | BliNa | Silena |Stona | Viruna   | Cursna   | Accession | DivS
ALT: ASPIR | Erase | Sacrifice | Esuna | aMIS   | aSOL | DivCares | HlyWater | ECHOdrop  | Vicars

aMIS is on this page so I can swap into Misery if needed for its enhanced Esuna effects. Likewise, DivS lives here because I primarily use it for its Divine Veil effect rather than boosting my cures.

HlyWater for removing Doom, though frankly I usually just spam Cursna on myself... but it's good to have the macro just in case!

Do make an ECHOdrop macro. As a healer, it's very important that you can get Silence off yourself quickly. My macro tries various temp items before it will use an Echo drops, and looks like this:

/item “Catholicon”
/item “Catholican +1”
/item “Vicar's Drink”
/item “Cleric's Drink”
/item “Echo Drops”

Macro Set 5: Buffs

I'm thinking about moving this set further down, and moving the barspell & nuking/enfeebles up higher, as I tend to use those more... haven't decided yet. Anyway, this is what it looks like:
CTRL: TOP  | PrSh5 |   bVIT  | bDEX  | bMND  | bINT     | Pr5     | ShV  | Accession | Penury
ALT: ASPIR | Haste | Auspice | SSkin | Blink | Aquaveil | Phalanx | bAGI | Celerity  | Refresh

PrSh5 is my Protectra/Shellra macro, looking like this:

/p {Gather together.} {Protectra} & {Shellra} in 3
/wait 3
/equip ring1 “Sheltered Ring”
/ma “Protectra V”
/equip legs “Clr. Pantaln. +2”
/ma “Shellra V”

Also on this bank are the various Boost- spells, single-target Protect/Shell 5, and other buffs. Remember that Phalanx is /RDM only.

Macro Set 6: Barspells
CTRL:  TOP | bStone | bWater  | bAero  | bFire    | bBlizz | BThunder | FAN    | FOOL   | Sacro
ALT: ASPIR | bSleep | bPoison | bBlind | bSilence | bPara  | bVirus   | bPetra | bAmnes | Refresh

FAN & FOOL are Fanatic's Drink and Fool's Drink, respectively, for use with Voidwatch. Sacro is our newest job ability, Sacrosanctity. Rest is self-explanatory.

Macro Set 7: Nukes/Enfeebles
CTRL:  TOP  | Repose | DiaII | Silence | Slow | Paralyze | Diaga | Addle | CGa3  | Cur4
ALT;  ASPIR | Ban3   | Ban2  | Banish  | Bga2 | Bga      | Holy  | Holy2 | Flash | Refresh

Occasionally, you'll need to do a magic proc in Abyssea or Voidwatch. I just recently added a Curaga 3 and Cure 4 macro to this set because it's annoying to have to swap back a few pages to my cures if someone needs healing, then flip a few more pages back to this set to try the next proc. Ugh. Cure 4 is probably the single-target cure I most use; with the healing magic skill update to the cure formulas, it's quite potent these days, so it works well as both "oh shit someone's in red" and "this person needs topping off".

I chose Curaga III because it's the middle of the line; not *too* overpowered if all I need from a Curaga is waking the party, but still powerful enough that it'll be good to use if we got hit with a TP move.

One macro on this page that you might want to duplicate elsewhere is Repose, our light-based sleep.

Macro Set 8: Raises
CTRL: TOP   |  Ra3 | Ra2  | Raise   | (blank) | RRscroll | (blank) | (blank) | Celerity | Penury
ALT:  ASPIR | ReR3 | ReR2 | Reraise | (blank} | (blank)  | (blank) | (blank) | (blank)  | Refresh

RRscroll is my newest macro; it will try using a Dusty Reraise and Instant Reraise scroll. Good for annoying Voidwatch NMs that like to kill everyone; it's faster to use a scroll than cast reraise, and sometimes your MP is too low to cast, anyway.

My Reraise macros look like this:

/ja “Light Arts”
/ja “Afflatus Solace”
/ma “Reraise III”

You should always, always, always have Reraise up. And if you're /SCH, you should have Light Arts up 99% of the time. Also, you should primarily be in Afflatus Solace for its Cureskin effect. This macro takes care of putting all three of these on, so you won't forget any of them.

And that's it! Free free to send me a /tell or leave a comment here if you have any questions.


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