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It's version update time, and today marks the long-awaited launch of Neo Salvage. So far, discussion of the new gear has mixed reviews. There's a fare number of "meh"s, while others feel that there's some nice situational pieces. The mage jobs seem to have fared better than melee, and WHM will likely be happy with the update.

First, let's take a look at some non-Salvage gear. At least, I'm guessing these come from elsewhere, because I don't recall Salvage having weapons/ammo.

Oreiad's Tathlum - MND+4 Magic Accuracy+1

This ammo piece beats the Mana Ampulla for having the best MND. You lose out on the ampulla's 20 MP, but that's an easy loss these days.

Melisseus Staff - DMG:81 Delay:366 Fire elemental magic accuracy+28 Fire elemental "Magic Atk. Bonus"+28 Wind elemental magic accuracy+28 Wind elemental "Magic Atk. Bonus"+28

I doubt this beats the Magian magic affinity staves. Still, if you should happen to get one and don't have the Magian staves, this could prove useful for landing Silence and Addle. I wouldn't go out of my way to get one, though.

Sublime Breastplate - DEF:60 STR+14 MND+14 Accuracy+13 Divine magic skill +10 Healing magic skill +10

We have a new breastplate! This may make a good WS piece - I'm not the greatest on melee stats, though, so I'm unsure how it goes up against Heka's. I'm also wondering if this would be useful in Ballista (heh).

Gwyddion's Cape - DEF:8 MP+30 INT+6 MND+6 CHR+6 Magic Accuracy+2 "Conserve MP"+3

Nice enfeebling cape, though there might be better already.

Shamatha Grip - MP+15 MND+3 Magic Accuracy+2

An alternative to the Verse Strap + 1/Reign Grip. Personally, I'd stick with the Verse Strap +1 for the Enmity-3 on it, however this strap makes a nice enfeebling strap.

Now, onto the Neo Salvage gear!

Marduk's Tiara +1 - DEF:31 MND+13 CHR+13 Divine magic skill +12 Summoning magic skill +12 Singing skill +12 "Cure" potency +11% Increases "Regen" effect Set: Increases "Fast Cast" effect

Current best-in-slot for single-target cures remains the Iaso Mitra; however, as the Mitra is very expensive, Marduk's makes an easier way to get 11% cure potency on the headpiece. Definitely a piece I'd want to try for.

Nabu's Tiara - DEF:30 MP+50 Enhancing magic skill +10 Avatar: Increases magic accuracy and "Magic Atk. Bonus"

As has been pointed out on various forums already, this piece will allow a WHM to reach 500 enhancing without needing to be /SCH. Now, you all know how much I advocate /SCH; however, there's times when other subs may be better. And I'm a big fan of enhancing skill, so this, too, is a "Yes, please!" piece.

Marduk's Jubbah +1 - DEF:56 MND+15 CHR+15 Enhances "Fast Cast" effect Summoning magic interruption rate down Adds "Refresh" effect Set: Enhances "Fast Cast" effect

The best use for this would be the Fast Cast effect in conjunction with other Marduk+1 gear.

Nabu's Jubbah - DEF:54 HP+5% MP+5% STR+10 INT+10 MND+10 CHR+10 "Double Attack"+3% Haste+4%

I look forward to seeing the math done on this piece, to see whether or not it beats other available pieces for melee/WS. Currently, the Shedir Manteel (followed by Hedera Cotehardie) is the best TP piece, with Heka's Kalasiris being the best-in-slot for Realmrazer and Hexa Strike.

Marduk's Dastanas +1 - DEF:30 MND+14 CHR+14 Wind instrument skill +11 Song spellcasting time -7% Adds "Regen" effect Set: Enhances "Fast Cast" effect

Most useful as a pre-cast piece; might also be useful for an MND potency enfeebling set.

Nabu's Dastanas - DEF:28 STR+7 AGI+7 Accuracy+8 Attack+8 Magic Accuracy+5 Healing magic skill +12

Someone who is better with melee gear will need to figure out if these beat Iuvenalis Mittens for a WS piece. The extra accuracy and attac on the Dastanas sure looks nice, but Iuvenalis has MND+7, which is a modifier for our most-used WS.

Marduk's Shalwar - DEF:42 CHR+15 Healing magic skill +11 Summoning magic skill +11 Wind instrument skill +11 Increases song effect duration Set: Enhances "Fast Cast" effect

Nabu's Shalwar - DEF:39 MP+38 Healing magic skill +15 Enfeebling magic skill +15 "Cure" spellcasting time -15%

The healing magic skill might look tempting, but honestly, the MP back from Orison Pantaloons +2 is too good to give up. So these leg pieces are really only good for fastcast/precast.

Marduk's Crackows +1 - DEF:30 MND+12 Enfeebling magic skill +11 Summoning magic skill +11 String instrument skill +11 Avatar: Increases attack and Haste+2% Set: Enhances "Fast Cast" effect

I believe this is the best enfeebling skill available on feet, now. There's also the fast cast.

Nabu's Crackows - DEF:28 CHR+10 Singing skill +3 String instrument skill +7 Enhances "Fast Cast" effect

Nothing here for WHM - don't bother with these.

And there you go - some thoughts on the new gear from this update. Comments?


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