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Lasswell: Rain... Are you all right?

Rain: ...Yeah. Once we're out of these woods, we should head straight for Mitra Village.

Lasswell: Before we do, Rain...there is something I should tell you. It's about the power of visions...a power that is now ours. The memories and emotions of people, housed inside crystals... These are visions. By summoning forth the visions of heroes of ages past and worlds distant... We can call upon their strength in battle. But enough words. It is best you see this power for yourself. Go ahead, Rain. Try to summon a vision.

(Rain does so.)

Lasswell: I believe that qualifies as a success. It would seem we have gained a strong ally.

Rain: Summoning visions... I never knew such a power existed...

Lasswell: Indeed. But take heed: summoning a vision is only the first step. With this, the visions of heroes you summon will lend us their strength. This power is not ours by chance or whim. We must use it wisely, and to the fullest.

Rain: Lasswell... Just how do you know so much about this. Visions,and summoning and all...

Lasswell: Sir Raegen taught me well. Yes, Rain... Your father.

Rain: That old codger? But why would he...?

Lasswell: Codger!? That is no way to speak of your father, Rain! Sir Raegen was one of Grandshelt's finest. A knight of true honor!

Rain: (...) Honor...indeed.

Lasswell: When Sir Raegen at first spoke to me of visions, I could scarce understand wky he wanted me to know. Perhaps he foresaw that we would one easy wield this power..

Rain: (grumble) But where did he learn about these visions in the first place...? Never mind. Worrying about such matters won't help us now. We should get to Mitra, then hurry onward to make out report.



Lasswell: Monsters here, too? What a treat.

Rain: Something isn't right, Lasswell. The madness in their eyes...

Lasswell: Do you think it's because of what happened to the crystal?

Rain: That's precisely what I'm afraid of.

(Battle commences. After the first wave is complete...)

Rain: Are we almost to Mitra?

Lasswell: About halfway, by my measure.

Rain: Only halfway? My legs cry for mercy...they can tasks no more! We've no choice, Lasswell. You're going to have to carry me the rest of the way.

Lasswell: ...Or I could just leave you here.

(The second wave starts. After it is done..)

Rain: Curses! Is there no end to them?

Lasswell: Stay focused, Rain! If we fall here, the sacrifices of our men will have been for naught!

Rain: I know, Lasswell... I know. We must prevail. For them...and for our world.

(Third wave commences. Scene ends after victory.)

Lasswell: You've grown comfortable battling alongside visions. It would seem you're ready for the next lesson: fusing them to augment their strength.

Rain: Let me guess... More super-secret knowledge from my old man.

Lasswell: ... Indeed. Sir Raegen taught me much.

Rain: ...What a joke. He taught you all this and never said a word to me, his own son?

Lasswell: Would you have listened if he had?

Rain: ...Point taken. (Note: this line us attributed to Lasswell but makes more sense as Rain's line.)

(A boss battle commences! Afterwards...)

Rain: Fancy finding an ochu in these parts.

Lasswell: if this, too, is a consequence of the shattered crystal, it bidea I'll for our journey.

Rain: Mitra's not far from here. We should hurry.
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(The airship has landed close to the Earth Shrine.)

Rain: Wait here, men. Lasswell and I will investigate.

Grandshelt Soldier: B-but,...sir!

Rain: We know not what dangers lurk inside. I need you here, to keep our vessel safe.

Grandshelt soldier: Aye! As you command, sir!

(Rain and Lasswell make their way to the Earth Shrine entrance. It's pretty beat up.)

Rain: So this is the Earth Shrine...

Lasswell: Rain. Are you sure this is wise? The two of us going in alone...

Rain: I can't risk my men's lives for some flight of fancy, now can I?

Lasswell: ...But you would risk your own. Which suggests that you believe that was more than an illusion we saw.

Rain: All I can say is that illusion or not, that girl's tears looked real enough to me.

(Rain goes into the shrine.)

Lasswell: Rain! At the very least, could you wait for me!?

(Lasswell hurries after him.)

Lasswell: Everything seems in order... To my eyes, at least.

Rain: ...Then you may want to have your eyes checked, friend.

(A monster appears!)

Lasswell: Monsters!? Inside the shrine!? What of the barrier!? Has it been broken?

Rain: The fiend standing before us seems to be nodding "yes".

Lasswell: Take care not to cut yourself on that sharp wit, Rain.

Rain: At any rate, it would seem our girl in the sky spoke true.
...Lasswell. Where can we find the crystal?

Lasswell: In the shrine's innermost chamber.



Lasswell: You have hidden wisdom, Rain. We are needed here, just as you said.

Rain: See, Lasswell? It's just like I always say...You can always trust a pretty face!

Lasswell: Hmph. It is terribly well-hidden wisdom, isn't it.

(Battle commences. After the first wave...)

Lasswell: Rain, stay focused. No one would deny you're one of Grandshelt's finest. But physical prowess only goes so far. You must develop discipline. I tire of always having to keep an eye on you.

Rain: I would have thought that right now you'd be keeping both eyes on our foes.

Lasswell: O-of course I am! What kind of fool do you take me for!?

(Second wave of battle commences. Afterward...)

Lasswell: Rain. For once in your life, listen to me. All the knights of Grandshelt look up to you. Your words, your demeanor.. You must lead by example. I don't like to dictate your behavior... It will be a relief for both if us when I no longer have to.

Rain: Who said I wanted to be a role model? If you care care so much, you be the shining example!

(Battle progresses to the next wave but doesn't commence yet.)

Lasswell: Rain. You are the most talented in our order. You know this as well as I. But this willfulness.. This apathy! Everything you do convinces me I must watch you like a hawk.

Rain: Could anything I do convince you to watch our foes instead?

(Battle commences. Afterwards, they progress to the boss battle!)

Rain: Maybe this one will actually put up a fight.

Lasswell: We must watch our foe's movements closely..and choose our tactics wisely.

(Battle commences against the Belmodar. Afterwards...)

Rain: Phew! That one actually made me break a sweat.

Lasswell: Indeed.

Rain: But our path is now clear. To the chamber of the crystal!



(A figure in black armor stands before the crystal. Rain and Lasswell rush in.)

Lasswell: Who goes there!? Step away from the crystal!

???: If ignorance is a sin, then your sins are grevious indeed.

Rain: What's that supposed to mean!?

(The figure summons a ball of darkness!)

???: Seven Ling centuries of sin...And now it is time you atoned.

Lasswell: Atone...? What is this madness?

Rain: Lasswell! Watch out!

(The figure hurls the ball towards Rain and Lasswell, driving them back.)

???: ...And so it begins. My hammer of vengeance shall crush this eternity of lies.

(The crystal is shattered!)

Rain: N-no...stop...!

(The girl in the crystal appears and speaks.)

???: Take this power...the power of visions. The stave off the darkness.

(She revives Rain and Lasswell.)

Rain: Who...who are you?

???: Live. Live...and save this world.

(She teleports the two out of the shrine.)

Lasswell: What in the world just happened?

Rain: The power...of visions?

Grandshelt Soldier: Aaaaagggh!

(The two run back to the airship.)

Rain: These wounds! Be strong, man!

Soldier:Unggh.. The armor... He was...too...strong for us...

Rain: O-open your eyes! We'll find a healer! Just..stay with us!

Lasswell: Enough, Rain... He's gone.

Rain: Curses...! How could it all go so wrong...

Lasswell: We must return to the castle and make a full report... And see that our brothers get a proper burial.

Rain: ...You're right, Lasswell. Let's go.
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(Rain and Lasswell are riding an airship.)

Rain: Ah, the night sky. The stars, the moonlight...the flying monsters.

Lasswell: Could you focus, Rain? I'd prefer to avoid a crash landing, if it's all the same to you.

(A battle commences. Afterwards...)

Rain: Something doesn't feel right...

Lasswell: Indeed. Puny beasts like these keep a wide berth of airships.

(After second battle.)

Lasswell: Was that the last of them?

???: Please...

Rain: ...Hm?

???: Please... Help me...

Rain: ...A girl's voice? But we're in the middle of the clouds...!

(A crystal appears in the sky. Inside it is a young woman with blond hair.)

Rain: Is that...a crystal?

???: Please... You me... the Earth Shrine. The crystal...will be shattered... You are...our only hope. Without you...this world...will be lost...

Lasswell: Do my eyes deceive me...?

(Rain backs away from the railing.)

Lasswell: Rain! Have you taken leave of your senses? We have orders!

Rain: ...And I haven't forgotten them. But I can't ignore a plea for help.

(Rain gives the thumbs-up sign.)

Rain: As a knight of Grandshelt, I'll do my duty!

Lasswell: ...You haven't changed a bit since we were kids, huh?

Rain: And you know me better than anyone. Which is why I know you'll come with me.

(They enter the airship's cockpit.)

Lasswell: New orders, men! We make for the Earth Shrine!

Rain: The change in course may be sudden, but rest assured our cause is true. Onward!

Next entry.

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Yesterday I got the last two tablets.

I did Leviathan's hangout first, because fuck the deep sea trench and its tile damage. As usual, berserked one of the gargoyles to get in. I had no trouble in the cave, as the chicken knife decided it wanted to run a lot. Normally this can annoy me, but I decided eh, so what?

Took a few tries to get the protect ring. I'm likely not going to use it, so I don't know why I bothered. I'm kind of a completionist, though.

Leviathan was no issue, thanks to the three Coral Rings I got in Exdeath's castle (I bought a fourth). Thundaga spellblade did awesome damage, and jump from my dragoon wasn't too bad.

Then came the deep sea trench. I hate that place, but I had the right party for it. Well, a geomancer to negate tile damage would have been nice, but otherwise, yeah, perfect party. Two of my characters had !Sing, so it was REQUIEM ALL THE THINGS! And as luck would have it, Krile maxed Bard right before the boss, so I made her a Dragoon with Sing and made Bartz, my Dragoon, a Bard, so I had THREE characters with sing for the boss. So the triplets were no issue. My fourth character acted as healer while the other three sang them to death.

Today I need to make my way out of the trench, get the last weapons (because why not?) And then it's into the breach.

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I did not level up the Chicken Knife before heading into the Pyramid. I decided it was a pretty high level already, and that I'd probably get the remaining levels naturally before end game.

So, then Pyramid! It went well, thanks to my bard. When I couldn't Requiem things to death, I could Ballad them into stopping. That was very helpful. My Mystic Knight was the star of the floor with the mecha heads: thundaga spellblade one-shot them.

I was a bit nervous about the chest that can spawn Steel Fists, because in other Fiestas they have wrecked me, but again, my bard came through. This time it was Alluring Air, reapplied as necessary, and then wait for them to kill themselves.

The one thing that did give me problems is the chest with the Object d'Arts. I got unlucky, and they kept breaking my party. Thankfully, I had saved before I faced them, so I didn't lose any progress.

Melusine was a bit annoying. I didn't think I had enough firepower to kill her during her initial weak-to-fire stage, so I didn't use spellblade. I just melee'd her down, which took a while. I was never in any danger, just wasn't a short fight.

I now had control of the airship, so I immediately went to the Phantom Village and bought Hermes Sandals for everyone, the Arise spell, and the last Coral Ring I needed. I then went to Kuza Castle and picked up the three obvious weapons for me: the Holy Lance, the Assassin's Dagger, and the Apollo harp.

In the island shrine I considered farming mirage vests but ultimately didn't. It's rather annoying to do when you have only the thief knife for stealing. I ended up running from a lot of battles, not necessarily because I wanted to, but because the Chicken Knife did, LOL. Hey, more levels for it! The executors got me with Level 3 Flare & Level 4 Graviga (three of my party were level 36) but I was saved by Lenna surviving, as she was only level 34.

Wendigo wasn't too bad. I had no AoE attacks for it, but I guessed right fairly often, and the Chicken Knife did good damage.

I picked up three more weapons from Kuza, picked randomly, then rode Boko around the world to get a Mirage Vest. I also rode him to the waterfall to pick up the Magic Lamp. Then it was time for the thing I dread: Fork Tower and the fight with Minotaur and Omniscient.

I sent my Dragoon and Mystic Knight up the tower of power. My Mystic Knight died to Minotaur, but my Dragoon kept jumping and won. Then came Omniscient. I knew berserk was the key to this fight, so I berserker him right away... And he killed me. >_< Well, crap.

I ended up watching a YouTube video of someone's previous Fiesta run, and discovered my issue: I had failed to cast protect (important to survive the first hit) before setting berserk. And I should keep blink up at all times.

In the video, the person sent their bard with their berserker up the tower of power, so that their dragoon and white mage faced Omniscient. So I tried splitting my party like this, sending my bard and mystic knight to face Minotaur...and I lost to him. *sigh*

So I tried a third time with my initial party split. Minotaur went down with no issues. Had my bard and white mage cast protect on themselves, then berserker Omniscient followed immediately by casting Blink. Once both characters had Blink applied, I berserked  my Bard, who was wielding the Chicken Knife.

This time I won! Yay! Am very glad I did. Sure beats previous Fiestas, where bi had trouble . on one of them I ended up skipping the tower and last two tablets because I saw no way to win against Omniscient.

I couldn't play any today as I have a deadline for a project I'm working on, but I should finish my project tomorrow, so hope to knock out the other two tablets then.

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Not much progress as I was busy with family this weekend.

I farmed enough gil to buy four Hermes Sandals. I considered farming more so I could afford four Coral Rings as well, but decided against it as by the time I need them I should have acquired enough gil anyway. So on I went to Exdeath's Castle.

I was very lucky during the climb. First, I got a Power Staff from the Black Warlocks. I don't really need it, but it's nice to have, and I got it without trying to farm for one. Then, in the areas where you can run into dragons, I encountered a single yellow dragon once and dual yellow dragons another time. Since everybody had !White equipped, I had no problem surviving the fights, and all three dragons dropped Coral Rings. Huzzah!

My first try against Exdeath's seemed to be going okay, but then he did level 3 Flare, and that killed me since I was level 33. So I did the necessary grinding and tried again. I lost, this time to a combo of doom and vacuum wave. But third time was the charm, hooray! Swift Song was very helpful.

Onto world 3. The antlion fight turned out to be my Dragoon and White Mage, who had no issues with it. After the exposition, I picked up the Chicken Knife. It's currently at 101, so not too much more powering up to do. I'll do that tomorrow before attempting the pyramid. I'm too tired to do any more tonight.
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When I last posted, I had just finished farming Reflect Rings. Time to climb Barrier Tower!

I was lucky enough to get Red Dragons in both monster boxes. They're undead and weak to ice, so between Requiem and Blizzara spellblade I made short work of them.

I remembered to leave the tower to get more phoenix downs before I climbed it, thankfully, as there are a lot of deaths in the Atomos fight. Sleep spellblade from my Mystic Knight and Dragoon really helped make the fight easier. No one was ever in danger of getting sucked in, and I won easily on the first try. I used about 10 of my 25 phoenix downs.

A quick stop in Moore for shopping. New spells, huzzah!

Next it was the visit to Ghido's cave. I love the Ghido's dialogue! Makes the trip through the cave worth it.

And then it was the Forest of Moore. I rather hate this place, because I am never sure if I've nabbed all the treasures or not. I really wanted the Morningstar, and was having problems finding it. My DS Lite was running out of battery power, so I stopped there for the night, once I saved in the forest.

Today I started my day by checking Caves of Narshe's walkthrough for the location of the Morningstar, and discovered it was north of the save point. I picked it up and went on, grabbing the Aegis Shield from the chest before jumping down the hole. Once the fires had died, I exited the forest to save on the world map, because the fight against the crystals can be tricky.

I had done an experiment to see if you could use the Healing Staff with Reflect Rings. Nope - it bounces off the reflection, just like casting cure. So I decided against wearing the rings in the fight, as they don't protect against all the spells anyway.

I entered the fight and put protect & shell on everyone. I also had my bard sing Mighty March, which helped. I lost my Dragoon and Bard during the fight. I tried to get my bard back up but she just died right away, so I left her down and continued with just the Mystic Knight (who had !White) and White Mage. I was kinda shocked when I won on the first try. That rarely happens!

After some scenes there's a line saying "We must hurry to Exdeath's Castle!" Sorry, I'm doing gil farming first. My usual place to farm is Drakenvale, because dragon fangs sell for 2500 each. But then there's this turtle...

...and I really wondered if I could survive him with my party. First, I swapped some jobs around, so I had a Dragoon with !White 4, a Mystic Knight with White 6, a White Mage with Lance (she had no better options) and a Bard with White 6. I equipped my dragoon and bard with main gauches, and my white mage and mystic knight with Elven Mantles. And then I made my way into the gil cave.

I made sure everyone had Blink on at all times. There were some deaths, of course, but this worked rather well. Basically, my Mystic Knight did Blizzaga spellblade (when it connected, that is; it missed a lot) while the other three babysat her. It was going so well I thought I would win, though it took an annoyingly long time... But then he did his final attack, Earthquake, and even with Shell on it wipedmy party.

Oh well. I don't think I can survive the attack. I don't have a time mage for Float, nor a Beastmaster to control a monster into casting it on me. Back to Drakenvale I go. Truthfully, gil turtle was taking too Ling, anyway. I can farm faster in Drakenvale.

(Yes, I'm aware of the GBA quicksave glitch. I'm not going to use it, as that feels like cheating and doesn't sit well with me.)
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I started the day by trying the Dragon Pod again. This time I won! I used the advice of [ profile] JuliusTheOrange and equipped my Mystic Knight with the Ancient Sword and had my bard sing Romeo's Ballad. The ballad really slowed down the attacks from the buds, though some still got through. There was a point where folks were confused and I was worried I wouldn't win, but I was able to Esuna them in time. Strangely, I don't recall ever getting paralyzed. 

Back to the castle to heal the wyvern, then off to Ghido's place. Oh noes, the island sank! Oh well. My next stop was Surgate castle. I considered doing some grinding on the Cure Beasts there, for they drop elixirs, but decided nah. So I raided the castle (not that there was much to raid), and flew off to the fleet.
Time for another round with Gilgamesh! This time he has a sidekick along. Enkidu can be annoying because she does White Wind. I stupidly was targeting Gilgamesh, trying to kill him first but she healed him, d'oh. So I switched targets to her and swiftly took her out. Gilgamesh was no issue after that.

And then my least favorite part of the game:farming Reflect Rings. I took LOTS of breaks while doing so, so the actual time spent farming wasn't that long, actually. But I hate this task so much that it took me all day to get it done ( with the aforementioned breaks) but done it is! Tomorrow I climb the tower and face Atomos. Wish me luck, I'm gonna need it.
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Not much progress today. The day seemed to get away from me.

When I left off last night I was standing outside the warp point to Galuf's world, so today started off with jumping into the breach. I had a mere two battles on Pao island before the suggestion of camping occurred, which I think is the quickest I've ever seen it. Bartz, my Mystic Knight, was no match for the Abductor, oh well.

When I got control of Galuf I immediately changed his job to Dragoon and equipped him accordingly. The first encounter with Gilgamesh was short - a mere three jumps had him fleeing. Then it was time for the MOST AWESOME MUSIC EVER! Gilgamesh fight 2 was likewise no issue. Dragoon jumped, Mystic Knight melee'd, and Bard and White Mage healed. I was level 19.

We made our way to Regole, where I was forced to do some grinding. One of the things ilove about the Fiesta is interacting with other players on Twitter. Like so:

[ profile] AltheaValara  :As usual, have to grind for gil outside Regole so I can clean out the shops. 14k to go, ugh.
[ profile] JuliusTheOrange How does Regole stay famous for its alcohol when it has such great shops? The "backwater" should be a city by now.
[ profile] AltheaValara :LOL! So true!
[ profile] JuliusTheOrange : Three accomplished warriors travel to another world, but they are unprepared for a shop which can afford to give out a free ribbon.


Grinding done, I continued on to the moogle forest, saying my normal prayer not to encounter the beast by the sealed castle. The praying worked, for no beast was seen. Down the hole after the moogle! 

I was a bit nervous about Tyrannosaur, because he hits HARD. He did indeed kill my Dragoon and Bard, but my Mystic Knight was able to take care of him with Fira spellblade.

Next bit of action was Quelb, to pick up Requiem, which is a must for Drakenvale. And my bard was indeed the MVP going up the mountain. Saved Golem easily, and then it was the Dragon Pod fight, which may be my most hated fight. I tried three times with no luck. The Lamia Harp did good damage on it, but eventually I would dfie thanks to all the status effects. I swear, fighting that fight it feels like the ATB crawls, even though I know it's going normal speed.

I ended the night with a plea on Twitter for help. My email has been dinging while I wrote this, so I mat already have replies. Even so, I'm done for the night: round 4 with Dragon Pod will have to wait until tomorrow.
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So I did start off the day by redoing the escape from Karnak castle, so I could get Esuna. I also got the ribbon this time, though I doubted I would be making use of it.

I set Lenna and Far is as white mages, then it was off to the Library of the Ancients. I arrived there at leveling 15. Bad news: an enemy in the library has Level 5 Death. So I resigned myself to doing some grinding... battle later, I was done. Nice!

Into the library I went. With two Mystic Knights and two White Mages, I wasn't expecting any problems. And sure enough, I had none. Ifrit went down to Blizzara spellblade, and Byblos to Fira spellblade. I was level 16 for both fights.

Back to Karnak to get a ship. Exploration time! I visited Jachol and did shopping there, but did not do the cave, because fuck skulleaters. Next it was up to Istory to get Romeo's Ballad, which would be very important to my future Bard. While up there I fought Ramuh, because why not.  He ended up killing Galuf and Faris, leaving me with one Mystic Knight and one White Mage, but we still won on the first try. I was level 17.

Onto Crescent. Oh noes, our ship! Into the chocobo forest, where we finally got access to our first assigned job, Bard. We took a side trip to Lix to pick up the song there and do some shopping, then it was back to the Library.

Then it was everyone's favorite boss (not), the Sandworm. I had Faris set as my Bard, so I tried to Ballad him, but as I expected, not only didn't it work but the holes countered with gravity, oops. Still, for a Sandworm fight, it went pretty easy. Just was a bit long. Faris had !White 1 set, so she helped with the healing. I beat him on the first try. I was level 17.

Next up, the most pathetic boss of the game, Crayclaw. My Mystic Knights had Coral Swords equipped, which he is weak to. Four hits, done.

To Tycoon Meteor to retrieve the Adamantite. Oh look, a boss! Adamantoise killed my bard and white mage, but I was still able to win thanks to the Blizzara spellblade of my Mystic Knights. 

Adamantite delivered! Time for the floating ruins. Would I have enough items on me? We shall find out!

I didn't bother to cast spellblade for the first four sets of cannons, letting the Coral Swords take care of them. I had no issue killing them, but after all four I was pretty drained of health and man's. Used a bunch of potions to heal up, and all five ethers I had on me. Freshly restored, it was time for Soul Cannon!

It was not a challenge. I may have yawned during the fight. Even with spellblade on, my mystic knights weren't doing much damage. But my white mage and Bard (who had !White 3 set by this time) had no problems keeping HP healthy. It was a long fight, but I won easily. I was still level 17 for this fight.

The Ronkan Ruins are my least favorite dungeon, because I used to get horribly lost in it. I've now played the game enough that I don't get lost, but I still don't like the dungeon. I ran from all encounters with Ronkan Knights or the frogs. I also ran from Hydra, because fuck Hydra. 

And then it was time for Archeoaevis. I dare not use spellblade as his weakness changes during the fight. Without it, the fight went long. I was hitting for low triple digits. But two healers made it easy to keep up, and I won on the first try.

I tweeted for my earth job and got Dragoon, which I was rather disappointed with. I suppose I should be grateful for another damage dealer, but I would have rather had summoner. Oh well.

We said goodbye to Galuf and Krile, but immediately made plans to follow them. This required charging up the meteors with adamantite, but there were monsters at three of the meteors, because of course there were.

First up: purtobolos. Trivial: I sang them to sleep with Romeo's Ballad. Ended the fight still at max HP & MP, yay.

Next up: Titan. I put protect up on all characters, hoping it would be enough to survive his final Earth Shaker. It was. My bard died, but my white mage and mystic knight both survived.

Healed up, then it was Manticore time. This was the roughest fight so far. Near the midpoint of the fight, both my bard and white mage died. I tried to get them back up, but was unsuccessful. So I said a prayer, and continued on with just my mystic knight. I alternated using elixirs with attacking. This put a sizable dent in my meager elixir store, but I won!

I flew to the warp point, and then saved the game, as it was a good place to stop. Coming tomorrow: Galuf's world.

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The Final Fantasy V Four Job Fiesta officially started late last night! I watched a few hours of The Run, which was illuminating. For one, there was a rule that you must use the four designated jobs, but you could change which character was with job. This was news to me; in the past, I assigned a job to a character and that character stayed that job for the rest of the game. This rule will definitely make my run easier this year.

During The Run, the streamers had to beat Omega and Shinryu, and all four of them did. On the first try, even! AMAZING! So far, it's looking like I'll be able to take on both of them myself.

This year Gilgabot did a series of polls, asking people to choose one job over another. The results were an option at registration, which I chose to do. My first assigned job was Bard. Sweet - Bard allows you to do Omega and is great against undead enemies. Since Bard isn't unlocked until later in the game, this meant I would be using Freelancers till the Water Crystal at least.

Freelancers make things pretty easy. I beat Karlbos at level 5, and Siren at level 7. I tossed potions at Siren during her undead phase.

Magissa and Firza went down on my first try, though Galuf died. I was level 9.

Garula was ridiculously easy. Since freelancers can equip any weapon, I had the powerful Ashura on Bartz and the Power Whip on Far is. The whip has a paralyze effect, and it landed on Garula without any issue. Bartz then made short work of him. Garula never got off an attack.

I tweeted for my water job, and was assigned Mystic Knight. Okay, I have some gil farming to do, I thought. I had to buy spells and upgrade their armor. That done, I then headed for Karnak.

After the events in the castle, I didn't shopping in Karnak itself. I had to do more gil farming to afford everything I wanted, though. Once I was all Mythril'd up, I headed in the Fire Ship.

The enemies in the ship were no issue. As for the boss, well, I had Mystic Knights! It should be easy, I thought.


I Blizzaga'd up and proceeded to thwack at Liquid Flame. The first two forms were no issue, but then it changed to the hgand form, and my Mystic Knights started whiffing. And whiffing. And whiffing. In desperation I changed Far is to a knife, thinking that it was something with the mythril swords, and she landed her attack, huzzah!

But then I died to Blaze.

Hmm. Try again. And again, nothing but whiffs on the hand form. I tried for a good ten minutes and not a single hit.

It finally occurred to me that maybe it was the spell on the blade causing the whiffing, and not the blade itself. Because I had tried switching Far is to a knife again, but I put the spell back on it before I attacked, and it was whiff city. So I swapped weapons again, this time back to the mythril sword... And her attack landed, hooray! From there on the rest of the fight wasn't too bad, though Galuf and Lenna died. I was level 14.

And then it was time to escape the castle. I got a good many treasures, but missed the Ribbon. Well, I probably wouldn't be using it anyway. I hesitated when I was going for Esuna, because time was running out, so ended up skipping it. Death Claw was no issue, though my attacks only did double-digit damage.

I then tweeted for my Fire crystal job, and was assigned.... White Mage.

Crap - I should've gotten Esuna. Well, I hadn't sacved the game yet, so I saved it in a new slot, while I decided whether or not to do the escape again. I probably will - it's a bit annoying with mystic knights but not TOO bad.

And that's where I left it for today. A good first day, I think, and my jobs are looking good.
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So I had tried Neo Ex-death three times the night before, without any luck, so I went to bed. In the morning I tried again. I made a few changes: I switched Bartz (my black mage) from the Fire Rod to the Magus Rod, in hopes of getting a boost in magic. I also set everyone to the back row. And finally, I targeted all four targets with Fire3 instead of taking them on singularly.

This time I won! The targets didn't all die at the same time, but I was able to finish them off quickly, one after the other. If I recall correctly, Exdeath did get one round of Meteor off, but I survived it and quickly got back up/healed to finish him off. Yay!

I really had fun with this challenge, and might do another run. We'll see.
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So there I was in the Island Shrine. I did try to farm some Mirage Vests for a bit, but then decided to forget it. Only two of my characters could wear them, and I'd be getting one free from riding Boko around the world. I didn't think I'd need the other, as the plan was for my dancer to wear the Rainbow Dress.

So I made my way up the shrine. It wasn't too bad, thanks to Wind Slash/Sword Dance/Fire 3. I got lucky with the boss, as I chose the right enemy most of the time, so he went down fast.

Picked up three more weapons from Kuza Castle, then headed to Fork Tower. I sent Lenna and Faris (my dancer and geomancer) up the right side and Bartz and Krile (my black mage and red mage) up the left. Minotaurus wasn't too hard. You can't use magic in the battle, so Lenna kept dancing while Faris tossed potions. Omniscient went down easily to magic spam, as expected.

I neglected to try to get the Mime job. Didn't want to bother with it. So, onto the Great Sea Trench! It really helps to have a Geomancer here as you don't get tile damage from the lava, but the enemies are all undead so dancing is out. My black mage was MVP here with killing enemies by Fire3 spam. I lost the first try against the triplets. Checked Caves of Narshe, saw that none of them absorb Bolt, set everyone in the back row and put !Black 6 on, and spammed Bolt3 to kill them. The back two died first, but I was able to kill the front one before he could cast raise.

Another three weapons got, then onto Istory Falls. Tonberries are called Dinglberries in this version of the game *snort*. Had no problem with them, or anything else in this dungeon. Coral Rings against Leviathan almost feels like cheating.... almost. Won easily.

Next it was to Phoenix Tower, so I could farm a Rainbow Dress and Red Slippers. I ended up not using the slippers, preferring the Hermes Sandals for haste, but that dress went right on. It was here that I discovered my characters were still in the back row from the triplets fight, meaning I had done the entire of Istory Falls with them in back. D'oh! Even in the back, a fully boosted Chicken Knife does 5000+ damage with Sword Dance, so it was easy not to notice we were in the back. I skipped the magic pots in the tower as I had no reason to "fight" them. I debated leaving the tower after we got our dress, but decided to climb all the way because I like the cutscene at the end.

Next it was to North Mountain to fight Bahamut. Reflect rings on and away we go! It was an easy fight. Sword Dance hit a few times, and he died to reflected Mega Flare.

I then decided to try Odin. I lost on the first try. Lenna wasn't Sword Dancing, instead kept doing Wonder Waltz. I gave it one more try, this time setting !Black 6 on my characters. Lenna still danced (and still kept preferring Wonder Waltz, grr) but the others killed him with magic spam, hurray!

And then it was ENDGAME!

I tweeted as I went along. Calofisteri and Apanda both died to Sword Dance. Catastrophe took two Sword Dances and a cast of a boosted Fire3. Easy! Azulmagia also went down to a few Sword Dances. Sensing a trend? Halicarnassus died before she could get Holy off, mostly to Wind Slash/Fire3 spam. For her, I set Toad on everyone first because she does a move that sets Toad status as her first turn, so thus we were all restored to normal instead of being turned to toads. I lost to Twin Tania on the first try as Lenna wasn't Sword Dancing, so died to Giga Flare. She came to her senses and Sword Danced the second try, so I won.

Gilgamesh's dialogue was MUCH better in the GBA version. I really missed his "Hasta la bye-bye!". I did give Shinryu one try. I was able to set Berserk with the Power Staff, but she attacks way too fast, and it was all I could do to keep my characters standing. No one got a chance to attack. So I don't think I'll be able to win against her, oh well.

I originally forgot that Necrophobe's barriers were reflective and Bartz died to a reflected Fire 3, oops. But Sword Dance/Wind Slash took care of them, then Gilgamesh showed up to save the day. Save point get!

So, Exdeath/Neo Exdeath. The first phase has been no problem, but the second... nope. On my first try, I lost due to Grand Cross setting zombie on two characters. Bartz was dead, and my remaining unzombied character was quickly killed by her teammate. On second try, I killed 3 of the 4 targets, but then lost to an unlucky Meteor spam. On third try, I switched to targeting all targets at once with Fire 3 spam, so to minimize the likelihood of facing Meteor, but ended up dying again (I forget why). It was about 2:30 am then, so I decided to go to bed and try again today.
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I farmed a few elixirs from Cure Beasts, but not too many as I got bored. Then I headed to Ex-death's castle.

I needed to farm a Power Staff from the Black Warlocks there. I wasn't sure which floor they appear on the most, so I stayed on floor 4, where they appear in pairs. They were few and far between, alas. It took me most of the day to farm the staff, because I kept taking breaks from the game. I finally got it, though.

Carbuncle was no problem. I forget exactly how I killed it - I think a combination of Sword Dance and !Earth - but he went down easy. I'm loving having a Geomancer here, as I get no tile damage and don't fall into hidden pits.

Fought Gilgamesh again. I'm really missing the GBA translation. It's got a lot of humor in it that's missing from the PSX translation, including Gilgamesh's famous "And now we fight as men! And ladies! And ladies who dress like men!". Sigh.

Ex-death was tough, because he kept killing my characters. But with three characters having !Redx2, I was able to keep reviving. Luckily Bartz, my black mage, didn't get hit that often so he was the main damage dealer with Fire3 spam.

Then it was to world 3! I was a bit nervous about the antlion, as the fight was with a black mage and red mage, but again, Bartz did most the damage with Ice3 spam while Krile kept healed. I went to Moore and got the Chicken Knife, then powered it up in the desert. That didn't take too long, about 30 minutes, since I had run from a lot of enemies in the Barrier Tower.

I tried going to bed then, but couldn't sleep, so about an hour and a half later I got up and did the Pyramid. I skipped some of the treasures (no way did I want to deal with Steel Fists) but was lucky enough to get a Lamia's Tiara for Lenna, my dancer.

Changed everyone's ability to !Black 6 for Melussion, who went down in two rounds of Fire3 spam. Easy.

Then I went to the Phantom Village and bought Hermes Sandals and Coral Rings for everyone, along with some upgraded armor. Next it was to Kuza Castle to pick up the first three weapons. I chose the Assassin's Dagger, Magus Rod, and Sage Staff, as those are the only three I can use, lol. Ex-death's Soul went down easy to Sword Dance and Fire3 spam. Gotta love Sword Dance with a Chicken Knife!

I went to the Island Shrine and did the statues, but decided to try going to bed again. This time I fell asleep. Plan for today: finish everything up to endgame.
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So there I was in the barrier tower, farming Reflect Rings. One of my most hated tasks. It actually went pretty fast this time, woohoo! Got my four rings and headed up the tower.

Died to the first Red Dragon, but luckily I had saved my game right before. Won on second try. When I got to the top, I changed my Geomancer to have !Black 6. Geo and Black Mage spammed Bio on Atomos while the other two just kept reviving each other. Won with no one being sucked in. I got lucky--I don't think my damage dealers died once.

Visited Moore and bought Air Lancets for everyone, then made my way up north to fight Shoat. I was nervous about this fight for fear of dying to petrification, but again, I got lucky--only two of my characters got petrified and the other two killed him with magic spam.

Visited Ghido (okay, he's called Gill in this version of the game. I like Ghido better). I have to say that I've been disappointed with the translation in the PSX version. It's missing much of the humor from the GBA translation. The bigger screen is better, though.

Made my way through the Forest of Moore. It's easy to get lost in there, and I'm pretty sure I didn't get all the treasures. Oh well. The crystal fight took me six tries. On the first try, I had forgotten to equip reflect rings, and died. I tried with reflect rings on the next try, but couldn't heal myself well enough with potions. Hmm. Okay, no reflect rings then. I could take out the first two crystals with magic spam, but kept dying to the Fire Crystal--magic has no effect on it so you have to melee it. Eventually I won, though. Whew. This was the first fight in the game that was challenging for me--everything else has been easy.

Finished the night by farming gil in the Valley of Dragons. Dragon fangs sell for 2500 each, so 20 of them gives you 50,000 gil, which is the price of one ring in the third world. Now I plan on farming some Elixirs from Cure Beasts, then it's time to head to Exdeath's castle.
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I feel like I didn't get much done today.

I had just finished the Big Bridge the night before. Made my way to Lugor, bought new equipment/spells there. I remember in the past having to farm gil to afford the upgrades, but I had enough this time, thankfully. Walked down past the Sealed Castle and was lucky enough NOT to face a Kuza Beast. Down the hole following the moogle. The dinosaur boss was easy with everyone casting Fire2.

Then it was up past Kelb to the Valley of Dragons. The dragons there are undead, so using I take some bards for Requiem spam. Having a black mage equipped with a fire rod spamming Fire2 was just as nice as bards, though. !Earth from my Geomancer also was a big help.

The Dragon Pod boss is one of the most annoying in game, and it has taken me several tries in the past. Not so this time. Geomancer's !Earth wipes out the flowers, and three of my characters had Angel Rings meaning they weren't affected by Old. I was never in any danger during the fight, and won on the first try.

Then I made my way to the fleet, where there was another battle with Gilgamesh. Enkidu uses White Wind to heal him, which is annoying, but Enkidu went down to a few !Earth casts, and Gilgamesh followed soon after.

I was hoping to stay up late to finish world 2, but I totally forgot about the need to farm Reflect Rings. Ugh. It's one of my most hated things to do, as it's tedious and boring as the rings are a very rare drop. I'm powering up my future Chicken Knife in the process by running from any formations that don't include a Reflect Knight, so that helps, but still: tedious. I didn't have the oomph to deal with it last night, so I went to bed.
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When last we left, I had just unlocked the Fire Crystal job of Geomancer. I set that job on Lenna and Faris; Bartz remained a Black Mage and Galuf a Red Mage. I went back to Walz and did the Shiva fight, which was a piece of cake. It was then onto the Library of Ancients.

Given all my grinding to master Red Mage, my levels were pretty high for this point in the game. I was at level 22, which meant I was in no danger from Level 5 Death in the Library. Both Ifrit and Byblos were easily taken down by magic spam.

Visited Jachol and its cave. If you've never played this game before, then you probably don't know that Geomancers are wonderful in the cave. There's an enemy called SkullEater which is really hard to damage physically or with magic, but goes right down to Geomancer attacks. I really didn't need to visit the cave because the treasures there were useless to me, but I'm a completionist so I did it.

Then it was up to Easterly, where I had enough gil from all that grinding to buy THREE Angel Rings, score! Wandered into the forest to fight Ramuh, who also wasn't a problem (are you sensing a theme here?).

I was a little nervous about the battle with the sandworm. I was hesitant to use !Earth against him as it would probably hit all holes, which would be bad. And magic is out, so that left me with melee attacks, and my characters aren't very strong melee-wise. I won on the first try, though, and it seemed a lot easier than past battles with him.

Adamantoise went down to Ice2 spam. Yawn.

The initial cannons on the floating ruins posed no problem. Melee hits from the Red Mage's Coral sword did ~600, Bartz was Bolt2-ing with a Thunder Rod for ~1400, and the Geomancers did !Earth for Wind Slash which did ~800. Nice! Wind Slash didn't work against the boss, alas, but the Geomancers have Redx2, so they hit him with Bolt2 and he went down before he could fire the laser at us.

I'm not a fan of the Ancient Ruins as I tend to get lost in them, even after all the times I've played this game. I take paths in the wrong order, grr. Also, you can't use !Earth against the Fan Wizards as they absorb Wind Slash, so you have to melee them and it's slow. I also died to an Aquaus, which I swear is harder than the boss. It's reflective so magic is out, it absorbs hits from the Coral sword, and melee attacks only do double-digit damage. When I reset I opted to skip the two chests which the Aquaus appears so I didn't have to fight it again. The chests held a Cottage and an Ether, so not missing much.

Archeoavis wasn't too bad. Wind Slash does nice damage on his first form, and I melee'd his second form. Won on the first try. Seriously, things have been easy so far. I feel over-leveled, but there's not anything I can do about that now.

So then I unlocked my Earth crystal job and i got.....Dancer. o_O This is a 750 run, so I was really expecting I'd get Chemist. I was hoping for Chemist, so I could fight Shinryu (Chemists can mix a Dark Sigh, which sets blind status). I'm still going to try Shinryu once I get to him but I'm now much uncertain if I can win.

I did Ice2 spam against Byurobolos and Titan. Byurobolos was no problem. Titan did do Earth Shaker at the end and knocked me down to ~100 HP, but everyone survived. KimaBrain also was no problem. Sigh.

I had purposely made Galuf the Red Mage for his solo fight with Gilgamesh. I wanted him to have decent melee damage but also able to heal. Gilgamesh was no problem, but then, he usually isn't. Then it was my favorite part of the game: the battle on the Big Bridge. *cue awesome music* I can't remember if I used !Earth against the fodder, but I think not. Used !Dance a few times and was pleased it was mostly Sword Dance and Jitterbug. The fodder proved to be fodder; none were an issue. Neither was the second fight with Gilgamesh. Dual-casted Protect on everybody, and we were good to go.

And that's where I left off for the night. So far this run has been a piece of cake, except for the boring grinding. I'm planning on playing most of the day today to get as far into the game as possible.
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Day 2 was mostly taken up with yet more grinding, to get the Dualcast ability for my Red Mages. It took quite a bit of time, and it's a boring task, so I kept taking frequent breaks. I got 100 ABP in about 22 minutes, so you do the math there (recall that it takes 999 ABP to get Dualcast). To keep myself entertained, I kept track of the enemy formations I encountered.

42 Gaitlings
143 single Bandersnatches
236 Bandersnatch/Big Horn combos
193 sets of 3 Bandersnatches.

For a total of 614 battles. Better than having to do 999 battles by fighting anywhere else, but still, LONG!

I finished out the night by doing the Fire Ship and escaping from Karnak Castle. Liquid Flame went down really easy thanks to Redx2, and I was able to get all the treasures I wanted from Karnak Castle, though I did use two elixirs to replenish my MP. I doubt I would have had success in the escape if I hadn't ground out Dualcast, because I used it on the Gigas to take them down quickly. So all that grinding paid off.

I tweeted for my Fire Crystal job before bed, and as expected, got Geomancer. I freaking love Geomancers, so I'm happy.
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Yes, it's that time of year again: time for the Final Fantasy V Four Job Fiesta!

The word of the day for day 1 was "grinding". I'm doing a 750 run, meaning you get jobs that can break rods. My Wind Crystal job was Black Mage. I wanted to get everyone !Black 6, so I stayed in the Wind Shrine grinding out the ABP. I left when I got !Black 3 as I was bored, and headed to the canal.

Black Mages can use daggers and rods. Attacks from rods vary greatly, so I didn't want to waste my money buying them from Tule. There's no daggers for sale in Tule, though, so two of my Black Mages were barehanded while the other two used Lenna's and Faris' starting daggers. The plan was to get dirks from the skeletons in the ship graveyard, which I thought might take some doing because I don't recall the daggers dropping that frequently. Imagine my surprise when I got dirks on the first three fights! Score! So everyone had a dirk, which helped a lot because I was saving MP for Siren.

I probably didn't need to do so, though, because Siren went down pretty fast. Melee'd her during her normal phase, and cast Fire during zombie phase. No problem.

Magissa and hubby also weren't an issue. I slept Faltzer as soon as he appeared, then focused on killing Magissa, who only needed one or two more attacks to go down. Faltzer stayed slept as I hit him with magic, which didn't do much damage but was consistent damage. Won on the first try.

Afterwards I went back to the Wind Shrine to continue my grinding. I eventually did get !Black 6, and walked out with 17 elixirs. Nice.

Garula took two tries, mostly because I forgot to set everyone in the back row on the first try. I did have a death during the fight and everyone was pretty much depleted, but I won on the second try without TOO many problems. I had a bit of a nervous moment afterwards, as I got Garula as a random encounter outside and everyone was still hurting, but I ran (getting in my first stat increase for the Chicken Knife) and escaped safely.

I got Red Mage for my Water Crystal job, which meant back to grinding. For those who haven't played FFV, Red Mage has an awesome ability called Dualcast, which lets you cast two rounds of magic each turn. It's the last ability you get as a Red Mage, and costs a whopping 999 ABP. Since most fights only give 1 ABP, that's a LOT of grinding! There *is* a peninsula that has a formation of 3 Bandersnatches that give 3 ABP, so I headed there. Still, I only had the patience to get about 150 ABP before I got bored and turned it off for the night.
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When I last posted, I was on the Atomos fight. I finally won on the fourth try. Tried to keep him slept, but it didn't seem to help much, so I went back to trying to survive. At the end, only Lenna was left standing. Two hits from Lenna and he was dead. YAY! I really do hate this fight.

Won against Cateblepos on the first try, level 34.

Beat the Crystals on the first try. Melee/Gaia to death, Red Mage dual-casting Cura after heavy damage. Level 36.

Around this time (or possibly before the crystals, I'm unsure when), I took a break from the story to farm some Elixirs from the Cure Beasts near Castle Surgate. Whenever I'm doing routine grinding, I keep track of stats to help pass the time.

43 formations of 4 Cure Beasts
33 formations of 1 Land Turtle
45 formations of 2 Land Turtles, 1 Cure Beast

Elixirs were obtained on the following battles:

7th, from a 4 Cure Beast formation
8th, from 2 Land turtles, 1 Cure Beast formation
23rd (2 elixirs), from a 4 Cure Beast formation
28th, from a 4 Cure Beast formation
30th, from a 4 Cure Beast formation
48th, from a 4 Cure Beast formation
52nd, from a 4 Cure Beast formation
54th, from a 4 Cure Beast formation
56th, from a 4 Cure Beast formation
65th, from 2 Land Turtles, 1 Cure Beast formation
74th, from 2 Land Turtles, 1 Cure Beast formation
84th, from a 4 Cure Beast formation
100th, from a 4 Cure Beast formation
121st, from a 4 Cure Beast formation

Not enough stats really to be scientific, but it does show that elixirs drop fairly commonly from them.

Back to the story. Excalipoor fight was easy. Never in any danger, hardly healed. Our hits were doing less than 100, though. Level 41.

Fight with Exdeath was easy, just long. Used 2 elixirs and 3 ethers. Everyone died at least once, and once had two characters down, but was able to recover thanks to Dualcast Raise.

I had some problems in the pyramid, specifically with Steel Fist, one of the trapped treasure chests. First try left with only White Mage standing. Couldn't get others back up, so I tried to solo by doing 2 attack rounds followed by Curaga. This worked well until the final one, when his focused energy killed me. Second try I had Red Mage and Chemist cast Fira while White Mange kept health up. Chemist drank a Goliath tonic. Elixirs used before the final Steel Fist started focusing energy. He targeted the Chemist most of the times with his focused energy, who didn't die from it. Successfully won on second try.

Melasine was no problem, thanks to Dualcast. Level 42.

Wendigo was also no problem, just a long fight.

Fork Tower - sent Red Mage and Chemist with !Red 3 up magic side while Geomancer and White Mage went up Prowess side. No problems, but did use 4 elixirs.

The triplets were tough, because they keep reincarnating. Krile died, and I left her dead. I eventually Wind Sliced them to death.

Coral Rings a go! Leviathan was no problem. Red Mage and Chemist Thundara'd him while Geomancer and White Mage melee'd. Level 44.

Bahamut, level 45 - very easy thanks to !Gaia's Cave-in. Never in any danger, no one died.

I elected not to try Odin, because I couldn't see how my party could do enough damage in one minute's time. I also did not go after the Mime crystal, for similar reasons.

ENDGAME!!! Calofisteri went down pretty easy thanks to Branch Spear, but it did take some time. Level 46.

Apanda - Red Mage and Chemist Fira'd him to death, Geomancer did Gaia and helped heal. I found out you can still do Gaia as a Toad.

Lost to Alte Roite on first try - he encircled all of us. Won on second try - Holy'd first form and Sonic Boom'd second.

Azulmagia - Holy'd him to death.

Catastrophe - mixed Levitate potions while Holy-ing him to death.

Helicarnissus - Went in with Reflect Rings, Holy & melee to death. Died on a reflected Holy.

Twintania - drank a Goliath Tonic and mixed Dragon Breath. Holy did heavy damage. Never saw Gigaflare.

Shinryu took eleven tries. I finally won by setting Darkness with a Dark Sigh, then basically Dragon Breath'd him to death while other characters played medic. Did have some deaths, but was always able to recover.

Necrophobe was a bit of a problem. The Assassin dagger reflects, so Krile had to play medic/defend. Once the barriers were down it took forever for Gilgamesh to show up. He finally did, though.

The fight with Exdeath was long, and he cast Meteor four times. I was able to survive, though, thanks to Dualcast Raise.

Won against Neo Exdeath on first try. Never in any real danger. A few times two characters went down, especially to Meteor, but I was able to recover. Wind Slash was a big help.

I definitely think my Geomancer deserves MVP. Light Step and Find Pits are both really nice abilities, and Gaia was downright powerful at times. Plus she had !White 6 as her set ability, so was able to be backup healer.

I really enjoyed this challenge, and am looking forward to doing it again!


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