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Althea Valara ([personal profile] althea_valara) wrote2017-06-23 09:13 pm

Four Job Fiesta 2017, Days 5 & 6

When I last posted, I had just finished farming Reflect Rings. Time to climb Barrier Tower!

I was lucky enough to get Red Dragons in both monster boxes. They're undead and weak to ice, so between Requiem and Blizzara spellblade I made short work of them.

I remembered to leave the tower to get more phoenix downs before I climbed it, thankfully, as there are a lot of deaths in the Atomos fight. Sleep spellblade from my Mystic Knight and Dragoon really helped make the fight easier. No one was ever in danger of getting sucked in, and I won easily on the first try. I used about 10 of my 25 phoenix downs.

A quick stop in Moore for shopping. New spells, huzzah!

Next it was the visit to Ghido's cave. I love the Ghido's dialogue! Makes the trip through the cave worth it.

And then it was the Forest of Moore. I rather hate this place, because I am never sure if I've nabbed all the treasures or not. I really wanted the Morningstar, and was having problems finding it. My DS Lite was running out of battery power, so I stopped there for the night, once I saved in the forest.

Today I started my day by checking Caves of Narshe's walkthrough for the location of the Morningstar, and discovered it was north of the save point. I picked it up and went on, grabbing the Aegis Shield from the chest before jumping down the hole. Once the fires had died, I exited the forest to save on the world map, because the fight against the crystals can be tricky.

I had done an experiment to see if you could use the Healing Staff with Reflect Rings. Nope - it bounces off the reflection, just like casting cure. So I decided against wearing the rings in the fight, as they don't protect against all the spells anyway.

I entered the fight and put protect & shell on everyone. I also had my bard sing Mighty March, which helped. I lost my Dragoon and Bard during the fight. I tried to get my bard back up but she just died right away, so I left her down and continued with just the Mystic Knight (who had !White) and White Mage. I was kinda shocked when I won on the first try. That rarely happens!

After some scenes there's a line saying "We must hurry to Exdeath's Castle!" Sorry, I'm doing gil farming first. My usual place to farm is Drakenvale, because dragon fangs sell for 2500 each. But then there's this turtle...

...and I really wondered if I could survive him with my party. First, I swapped some jobs around, so I had a Dragoon with !White 4, a Mystic Knight with White 6, a White Mage with Lance (she had no better options) and a Bard with White 6. I equipped my dragoon and bard with main gauches, and my white mage and mystic knight with Elven Mantles. And then I made my way into the gil cave.

I made sure everyone had Blink on at all times. There were some deaths, of course, but this worked rather well. Basically, my Mystic Knight did Blizzaga spellblade (when it connected, that is; it missed a lot) while the other three babysat her. It was going so well I thought I would win, though it took an annoyingly long time... But then he did his final attack, Earthquake, and even with Shell on it wipedmy party.

Oh well. I don't think I can survive the attack. I don't have a time mage for Float, nor a Beastmaster to control a monster into casting it on me. Back to Drakenvale I go. Truthfully, gil turtle was taking too Ling, anyway. I can farm faster in Drakenvale.

(Yes, I'm aware of the GBA quicksave glitch. I'm not going to use it, as that feels like cheating and doesn't sit well with me.)

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