Jun. 13th, 2016

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Yes, it's that time of year again: time for the Final Fantasy V Four Job Fiesta!

The word of the day for day 1 was "grinding". I'm doing a 750 run, meaning you get jobs that can break rods. My Wind Crystal job was Black Mage. I wanted to get everyone !Black 6, so I stayed in the Wind Shrine grinding out the ABP. I left when I got !Black 3 as I was bored, and headed to the canal.

Black Mages can use daggers and rods. Attacks from rods vary greatly, so I didn't want to waste my money buying them from Tule. There's no daggers for sale in Tule, though, so two of my Black Mages were barehanded while the other two used Lenna's and Faris' starting daggers. The plan was to get dirks from the skeletons in the ship graveyard, which I thought might take some doing because I don't recall the daggers dropping that frequently. Imagine my surprise when I got dirks on the first three fights! Score! So everyone had a dirk, which helped a lot because I was saving MP for Siren.

I probably didn't need to do so, though, because Siren went down pretty fast. Melee'd her during her normal phase, and cast Fire during zombie phase. No problem.

Magissa and hubby also weren't an issue. I slept Faltzer as soon as he appeared, then focused on killing Magissa, who only needed one or two more attacks to go down. Faltzer stayed slept as I hit him with magic, which didn't do much damage but was consistent damage. Won on the first try.

Afterwards I went back to the Wind Shrine to continue my grinding. I eventually did get !Black 6, and walked out with 17 elixirs. Nice.

Garula took two tries, mostly because I forgot to set everyone in the back row on the first try. I did have a death during the fight and everyone was pretty much depleted, but I won on the second try without TOO many problems. I had a bit of a nervous moment afterwards, as I got Garula as a random encounter outside and everyone was still hurting, but I ran (getting in my first stat increase for the Chicken Knife) and escaped safely.

I got Red Mage for my Water Crystal job, which meant back to grinding. For those who haven't played FFV, Red Mage has an awesome ability called Dualcast, which lets you cast two rounds of magic each turn. It's the last ability you get as a Red Mage, and costs a whopping 999 ABP. Since most fights only give 1 ABP, that's a LOT of grinding! There *is* a peninsula that has a formation of 3 Bandersnatches that give 3 ABP, so I headed there. Still, I only had the patience to get about 150 ABP before I got bored and turned it off for the night.


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