Jun. 19th, 2017

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So I did start off the day by redoing the escape from Karnak castle, so I could get Esuna. I also got the ribbon this time, though I doubted I would be making use of it.

I set Lenna and Far is as white mages, then it was off to the Library of the Ancients. I arrived there at leveling 15. Bad news: an enemy in the library has Level 5 Death. So I resigned myself to doing some grinding...

...one battle later, I was done. Nice!

Into the library I went. With two Mystic Knights and two White Mages, I wasn't expecting any problems. And sure enough, I had none. Ifrit went down to Blizzara spellblade, and Byblos to Fira spellblade. I was level 16 for both fights.

Back to Karnak to get a ship. Exploration time! I visited Jachol and did shopping there, but did not do the cave, because fuck skulleaters. Next it was up to Istory to get Romeo's Ballad, which would be very important to my future Bard. While up there I fought Ramuh, because why not.  He ended up killing Galuf and Faris, leaving me with one Mystic Knight and one White Mage, but we still won on the first try. I was level 17.

Onto Crescent. Oh noes, our ship! Into the chocobo forest, where we finally got access to our first assigned job, Bard. We took a side trip to Lix to pick up the song there and do some shopping, then it was back to the Library.

Then it was everyone's favorite boss (not), the Sandworm. I had Faris set as my Bard, so I tried to Ballad him, but as I expected, not only didn't it work but the holes countered with gravity, oops. Still, for a Sandworm fight, it went pretty easy. Just was a bit long. Faris had !White 1 set, so she helped with the healing. I beat him on the first try. I was level 17.

Next up, the most pathetic boss of the game, Crayclaw. My Mystic Knights had Coral Swords equipped, which he is weak to. Four hits, done.

To Tycoon Meteor to retrieve the Adamantite. Oh look, a boss! Adamantoise killed my bard and white mage, but I was still able to win thanks to the Blizzara spellblade of my Mystic Knights. 

Adamantite delivered! Time for the floating ruins. Would I have enough items on me? We shall find out!

I didn't bother to cast spellblade for the first four sets of cannons, letting the Coral Swords take care of them. I had no issue killing them, but after all four I was pretty drained of health and man's. Used a bunch of potions to heal up, and all five ethers I had on me. Freshly restored, it was time for Soul Cannon!

It was not a challenge. I may have yawned during the fight. Even with spellblade on, my mystic knights weren't doing much damage. But my white mage and Bard (who had !White 3 set by this time) had no problems keeping HP healthy. It was a long fight, but I won easily. I was still level 17 for this fight.

The Ronkan Ruins are my least favorite dungeon, because I used to get horribly lost in it. I've now played the game enough that I don't get lost, but I still don't like the dungeon. I ran from all encounters with Ronkan Knights or the frogs. I also ran from Hydra, because fuck Hydra. 

And then it was time for Archeoaevis. I dare not use spellblade as his weakness changes during the fight. Without it, the fight went long. I was hitting for low triple digits. But two healers made it easy to keep up, and I won on the first try.

I tweeted for my earth job and got Dragoon, which I was rather disappointed with. I suppose I should be grateful for another damage dealer, but I would have rather had summoner. Oh well.

We said goodbye to Galuf and Krile, but immediately made plans to follow them. This required charging up the meteors with adamantite, but there were monsters at three of the meteors, because of course there were.

First up: purtobolos. Trivial: I sang them to sleep with Romeo's Ballad. Ended the fight still at max HP & MP, yay.

Next up: Titan. I put protect up on all characters, hoping it would be enough to survive his final Earth Shaker. It was. My bard died, but my white mage and mystic knight both survived.

Healed up, then it was Manticore time. This was the roughest fight so far. Near the midpoint of the fight, both my bard and white mage died. I tried to get them back up, but was unsuccessful. So I said a prayer, and continued on with just my mystic knight. I alternated using elixirs with attacking. This put a sizable dent in my meager elixir store, but I won!

I flew to the warp point, and then saved the game, as it was a good place to stop. Coming tomorrow: Galuf's world.


althea_valara: A female red mage from Final Fantasy 11. (Default)
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