Jun. 20th, 2017

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Not much progress today. The day seemed to get away from me.

When I left off last night I was standing outside the warp point to Galuf's world, so today started off with jumping into the breach. I had a mere two battles on Pao island before the suggestion of camping occurred, which I think is the quickest I've ever seen it. Bartz, my Mystic Knight, was no match for the Abductor, oh well.

When I got control of Galuf I immediately changed his job to Dragoon and equipped him accordingly. The first encounter with Gilgamesh was short - a mere three jumps had him fleeing. Then it was time for the MOST AWESOME MUSIC EVER! Gilgamesh fight 2 was likewise no issue. Dragoon jumped, Mystic Knight melee'd, and Bard and White Mage healed. I was level 19.

We made our way to Regole, where I was forced to do some grinding. One of the things ilove about the Fiesta is interacting with other players on Twitter. Like so:

[twitter.com profile] AltheaValara  :As usual, have to grind for gil outside Regole so I can clean out the shops. 14k to go, ugh.
[twitter.com profile] JuliusTheOrange How does Regole stay famous for its alcohol when it has such great shops? The "backwater" should be a city by now.
[twitter.com profile] AltheaValara :LOL! So true!
[twitter.com profile] JuliusTheOrange : Three accomplished warriors travel to another world, but they are unprepared for a shop which can afford to give out a free ribbon.


Grinding done, I continued on to the moogle forest, saying my normal prayer not to encounter the beast by the sealed castle. The praying worked, for no beast was seen. Down the hole after the moogle! 

I was a bit nervous about Tyrannosaur, because he hits HARD. He did indeed kill my Dragoon and Bard, but my Mystic Knight was able to take care of him with Fira spellblade.

Next bit of action was Quelb, to pick up Requiem, which is a must for Drakenvale. And my bard was indeed the MVP going up the mountain. Saved Golem easily, and then it was the Dragon Pod fight, which may be my most hated fight. I tried three times with no luck. The Lamia Harp did good damage on it, but eventually I would dfie thanks to all the status effects. I swear, fighting that fight it feels like the ATB crawls, even though I know it's going normal speed.

I ended the night with a plea on Twitter for help. My email has been dinging while I wrote this, so I mat already have replies. Even so, I'm done for the night: round 4 with Dragon Pod will have to wait until tomorrow.


althea_valara: A female red mage from Final Fantasy 11. (Default)
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