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Four Job Fiesta 2016, day 6

I farmed a few elixirs from Cure Beasts, but not too many as I got bored. Then I headed to Ex-death's castle.

I needed to farm a Power Staff from the Black Warlocks there. I wasn't sure which floor they appear on the most, so I stayed on floor 4, where they appear in pairs. They were few and far between, alas. It took me most of the day to farm the staff, because I kept taking breaks from the game. I finally got it, though.

Carbuncle was no problem. I forget exactly how I killed it - I think a combination of Sword Dance and !Earth - but he went down easy. I'm loving having a Geomancer here, as I get no tile damage and don't fall into hidden pits.

Fought Gilgamesh again. I'm really missing the GBA translation. It's got a lot of humor in it that's missing from the PSX translation, including Gilgamesh's famous "And now we fight as men! And ladies! And ladies who dress like men!". Sigh.

Ex-death was tough, because he kept killing my characters. But with three characters having !Redx2, I was able to keep reviving. Luckily Bartz, my black mage, didn't get hit that often so he was the main damage dealer with Fire3 spam.

Then it was to world 3! I was a bit nervous about the antlion, as the fight was with a black mage and red mage, but again, Bartz did most the damage with Ice3 spam while Krile kept healed. I went to Moore and got the Chicken Knife, then powered it up in the desert. That didn't take too long, about 30 minutes, since I had run from a lot of enemies in the Barrier Tower.

I tried going to bed then, but couldn't sleep, so about an hour and a half later I got up and did the Pyramid. I skipped some of the treasures (no way did I want to deal with Steel Fists) but was lucky enough to get a Lamia's Tiara for Lenna, my dancer.

Changed everyone's ability to !Black 6 for Melussion, who went down in two rounds of Fire3 spam. Easy.

Then I went to the Phantom Village and bought Hermes Sandals and Coral Rings for everyone, along with some upgraded armor. Next it was to Kuza Castle to pick up the first three weapons. I chose the Assassin's Dagger, Magus Rod, and Sage Staff, as those are the only three I can use, lol. Ex-death's Soul went down easy to Sword Dance and Fire3 spam. Gotta love Sword Dance with a Chicken Knife!

I went to the Island Shrine and did the statues, but decided to try going to bed again. This time I fell asleep. Plan for today: finish everything up to endgame.

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