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Kitty has been determined to win the Sarutabaruta region for Bastok. We intended to do this a week ago, but there was no way that'd be happening since our influence was so, so slim. So we decided to wait until this past weekend.

Part of our plan was to level some of my lowbie jobs there, with Kitty synced to me. Ges had been teasing me about the need to level NIN, so I headed out to West Saruta as NIN on Saturday afternoon. And immediately ran into Tom Tit Tat.

...well, you know me & NMs: I just had to fight him. :lol:

Storming Saruta! by Althea Valara, on Flickr

It was a close fight as I was only NIN 12 / DNC 6 at the time, but I won. :) No way I would have won if Kitty hadn't given me some shihei. Thanks Kitty!

Storming Saruta! by Althea Valara, on Flickr

Kitty joined me a bit later, on SMN. I was really hoping we'd manage to pop Nunyenunc while we were out there. What do you know - he popped while I had run back to town to NPC stuff. >_< But the group that claimed him invited Kitty into their party to lot on it, so Kitty got a Pilgrim's Wand for herself. YAY!

Since it'd be at least two hours until Nunyenunc popped again, we decided to head to Giddeus for a while--but on the way we couldn't resist seeing if Numbing Norman was up. Which he was:

Storming Saruta! by Althea Valara, on Flickr I got a Pike for myself. :)

We had been in Giddeus for a while when I hit level 15. Yay! I used all the scrolls I had bought in Norg earlier to learn the Ichi elemental spells, even though I didn't have any of the tools. I like to keep up on my spells, after all. :) Shortly after this Kitty asked me, "hey, where's your second weapon?"

...yeah, I had been out in Saruta for FIVE LEVELS and had only had one weapon equipped. :oops: Just goes to show that DDing doesn't come naturally to me, because I had totally forgotten that Ninja gets dual-wield so soon. :lol:

Kitty had to go afk for about a half hour, so I took a nap during that time. Once she returned (and awoke me with ), I switched to BST so I could have widescan, and we returned to West Saruta to camp Nunyenunc. It took a while, but he eventually popped, and we were able to claim him before anyone else did -- and I got a much-desired Pilgrim's Wand for myself. YAY!

Storming Saruta! by Althea Valara, on Flickr

We were both tired by this point, so deciding to call it an early night.

Since I had gone to bed so early, I was awake early, too -- around 4:15am (part of that was due to the time-change, though). I signed back on and switched to SMN to continue the storming. WE MUST WIN!!!

Esca signed in a bit later and asked if I had started trading equipment yet. I hadn't. He said that he would head out to the OP and trade a bunch of stuff. When he headed out, Windy was Dominant and both Sandy & Bastok were Minimal, though Bastok had a small but promising bit of influence in the region, while Sandy had pretty much none. With all of the stuff Esca traded, he managed to single-handedly flip us from Minimal to Minor. GO ESCA!!!

At this point I started trading the stuff I had, too. By the time Kitty signed in, Esca and I had managed to get Bastok to being a sliver underneath Windy. Woohoo!

Kitty's trades put a sliver ABOVE Windy. {excitement}!!!!

Still, we were both worried that Windy would take it back at the last minute, so I logged onto Valara and began shouting for help while Kitty bought out the AH:

Storming Saruta! by Althea Valara, on Flickr

Did the shouting help? I think it did. Kitty reported seeing a few more Bastokans out in Saruta on one of her trips back. And I received a /tell with an offer of help. Thanks, Demki!

Storming Saruta! by Althea Valara, on Flickr

Bastok was now showing as Major, but we were still biting our nails nervously during the final minutes before tally, as our lead was small enough that Windy could have still overtaken it. And then the tally happened, and WE WON!!!!

Storming Saruta! by Althea Valara, on Flickr

Storming Saruta! by Althea Valara, on Flickr

Thanks to everyone who helped out and cheered us on. We both are rather broke now and have to replace some of our gear (I gave up my beloved Jaridah Peti) but it was worth it. :D


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