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When I came to, I found myself back in Port Bastok, where I started my adventuring. I don't know how I got back there. I'm assuming some carried me, but... well, no one in town knows me; how would they know to bring me there?


Since I was still feeling sore from my "battle" (if you could call it that), I decided to talk to more townsfolk and see what I could learn. Which means my list of quests has grown considerably:

  • Michea, an Elvaan goldsmith, wants me to bring her a copper ingot so she can complete an order.
  • A housewife wants to buy four flint stones from me so she can cook dinner.
  • Hungry Wolf wants me to bring him a Galkan sausage.
  • Malene's had a package stolen by a monster and has asked me to find & retrieve it for her.
  • Nbu Latteh would like me to bring a copper ring to her daughter as a gift from her.
  • Benita's looking for a quick way to clean her chimney. Apparently her mother-in-law knows a way, so I'm to track her down and ask.
  • Brygid thinks I will look smashing in a robe and bronze subligar, and wants me to obtain such items for her amusement. *rolls eyes* I could use them, though, so I might as well.
  • The mercenary company "Salaheem's Sentinels" has asked me to help recruit new members.

Oh, and I still need to finish that stamp hunt and kill some monsters in the mines. Sure have enough to keep me busy for a while. Especially since I have no idea where/how to get some of this stuff. I mean, copper ingots? Can you buy those somewhere?

I've heard some interesting tidbits about the town. Some folks in the Metalworks were gossiping about the Chief Engineer, a hume named Cid (why does that name sound familiar)? They say he's brilliant, but a bit short-tempered. Too engrossed in his work, I guess. And some of the Galka have mentioned...well, it sounds like a myth, actually, about a wise Galka who disappeared twenty years ago. I'm intrigued. I love a good mystery.

I'm annoyed about those bats. Except for some childhood scraps, I haven't had any experience with fighting. It'd be nice to find a mentor who could give me some pointers.
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I've got a pretty good sense of my way around town now, thanks to the stamp hunt. I still get a bit turned around at times, but I quickly figure out my error. And if I don't, there are friendly townsfolk who are all too eager to help me out.

And I really mean that. Everyone here is so nice. People like to talk; it's hume nature, after all. I've learned a heck of a lot more about the world in the few days I've been adventuring than I have in my entire lifetime.

For instance--the Galka aren't happy with the way they are being treated by Humes. I don't know enough about their race to know if I should be scared of this or if I should feel sorry for them. I'm leaning towards the latter. From all the conversations I've been having, it sounds like the Galka are almost treated as slave labor, and that doesn't sit very well with me.

Anyway. While wandering around town near the South Gate, I met a woman named Tami who needed a note delivered to her husband, who's working down in the mines. I figured why not? This would give me a chance to explore the mines and their surrounding area, and I needed to get two stamps there anyway.

So I headed to the mines district, talking to more people as I went in an attempt to acquire more stamps. I ended up meeting this Galka, Gerbaum, who complained about the number of monsters in the mines. He asked me if I could clear the mines out somewhat, and bring him some Zeruhn Soot as proof I did the job.

Sometimes I have to wonder if I'm being asked to do all this stuff because people are lazy, or if they are scared. I really hope it's the former, because I dread what's in store for me if it's the latter.

As I now had THREE reasons to enter the Mines, in I went. I can see why folks might find the Mines scary--they're dark and silent, except for the stirring of creatures and the sounds of the workers. But duh, they're mines. Of course they're going to be dark!

I headed down into the tunnels, looking for Tami's husband, Zelman, so I could deliver the note. Gerbaum was right--there are quite a lot of monsters down here. I decided to give them a wide berth on the way down, as I figured it'd be best to deliver the note first.

Tami's husband wasn't too hard to find. Had to grin a bit when he complained about all the errands his wife wanted him to do. Typical married couple. Hee. Then he asked me if I could do the errand instead, and go buy some meat jerky for him. As I am Errand Girl (*snerks*), I said yes.

Kind of wish I had a motorcycle. That'd make all these deliveries easier.

Then it was time to make my way out. But hey, might as well try fighting some monsters. So I headed up to some bats. I mean, how hard can bats be, right?

...turns out they're pretty hard. I tried, I really did, smacking them as hard as I can, but they kept attacking me faster than I could ward them off. I got my butt kicked so hard they knocked me out. As I descended into unconsciousness I flashed back to my childhood, hearing the bullies taunting me. "You call yourself a Valara, wuss? Yeah, right."


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