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Well, I had to give up FFXI due to lack of funds. For about two months I entertained myself with a variety of things: reading websites & books, crocheting, playing games on my PSP, watching movies, etc. But this past week, I've gotten hooked on something new: Glitch.

[personal profile] synecdochic describes it as:
kind of like what would happen if Animal Crossing and Guild Wars got together, had a baby, and that baby was raised by really smart and awesome people. It's a "sandbox" game -- no combat, just exploring and creating -- and the way it was created and nurtured has made it that most amazing and rarest of creatures: it's a social game/MMO hybrid in which people are not jerkbags to each other.

What I like most about it is that it's gentle. There's no annoying Tom Nook to hound you, no weeds growing up everywhere if you're not around, etc. There are some "bad things" that can happen, but even the bad things aren't too bad. Your pigs might run away if you don't feed them, but with the right knowledge and skill you can get automatic feeders so that won't happen. You can die if you run out of energy, but I hear death is amusing, so even that's not terribly bad.

The game is pretty straightforward, so you likely won't be seeing strategy and tips from me here. I did go ahead and start a Twitter account where I'm tweeting my accomplishments as they happen. I'm going to figure out how to ship them here, I think.


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