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I've been spending the past few days trying out synthesis. Brass ingots, hard-boiled eggs, hairpins. I've had decent success for someone so new to it, but still, it's always frustrating when it fails & I lose materials.

I'm beginning to become known around town, so people have been asking me to do harder stuff. Things that I'm not capable of doing at the moment. I need better weapons and armor, and for that you need to either synethesize things or buy stuff at the Auction House. I've been spending even more time doing the latter than the former. Sometimes I feel like I spend hours standing at the counter, checking out prices, looking for great deals on some good armor or finding out what the latest going price is for the stuff I don't need anymore.

It doesn't matter if you synthesize or bid on auctions--either way, you need gil. So I headed out to Dangruf Wadi. Figured I'd fight some goblins while looking for that jewel Horatius wants me to find. Didn't find the jewel, but what with all the fighting goblins I finally managed to become strong enough to advance a level. I'm now classified as a Level 16 Red Mage. Yay!

I've also done my first gardening. Thanks to the help of my Moogle, I've managed to grow some La Theine cabbages. Haven't learned to prepare them yet, but it feels good to grow my own food. Probably will save me some money in the long run. Mobs tend to drop seeds, so that means I don't have to buy prepared food.

So yeah, I'm doing lots of stuff to help myself out. But I could really use some friends. Yeah, I'm a loner and am capable of handling things by myself, but it's a heck of a lot of work. It'd be easier if I had someone to adventure with. I've been looking for linkshells and searching for people headed in the same direction as I am, but no one's been interested in adventuring with someone as green as me. Guess I'll have to adventure on my own for a bit longer.


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