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Becoming an orphan at the age of twenty-one sure turns a girl's life upside down.

I've lived in this small little house in this close-knit neighborhood for all my life. Expected I'd die there, actually. Not that I have a death wish or anything. Just never imagined doing anything else than living life at home. But then mom died and I found myself all alone and boy did I quickly realise how sheltered I've been, because I had no idea how much money it takes to run a household.

"Why don't you become an adventurer?" my neighbor suggested. I didn't really know what being an adventurer was all about, but hey, when you're rationing out leftovers you don't really have a choice with what you do, know what I mean? So I begged the use of some adventuring clothing (heh) and some simple weapons and set out to do some adventuring. Whatever that was.

First step: explore the city. When all you know is your little neck of the woods, seeing the entire city can be a real shock. It's big. Bigger than big. Huge. Like, it's so big that it's broken out into districts and each district is on its own map. Can you believe that?

Did I mention I had had a sheltered life? 'Cause, yeah.

So I started just wandering around town aimlessly, trying to get a feel for where things were, 'cept that's hard when you have no real destination and thus no reason to remember landmarks. I was down by some markets when I spotted two kids hanging out. Since I was a bit lost and lonely I decided to say hi.

The kids told me their names are Arawn and Emyrs, and they're stamp collectors. Except they can't leave the markets (I forget why), so they asked me to hunt down stamps for them.

...okay. Somehow I didn't expect adventuring to include stamp collecting. But hey, this gives me some actual destinations to seek out, so maybe that will help me learn my way around town.


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